Chapter 121 - Legendary Spell [Super Railgun]
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 121 - Legendary Spell [Super Railgun]

Louie’s Emerald Dragon Breath tapped into the authority of dreams. All things singed by its flames would quickly fade out of existence - as though there were mere figments of the imagination. Although Noella was stronger than the soldiers that Louie had killed, her magic resistance had fallen to a dangerously low extent due to the loss of her body. And even the shadows that covered her body were now inflamed.

On the other hand, his Magic Dragon Breath was pure violence. There were no effects in it. It was simply a pure magic shockwave. Accompanying its potent heat was a powerful energy blast.

At the same time, the longbow in Sisna’s hands shot out countless emerald arrows towards the Queen of Calamity. Although they were weak individually, their sheer quantity allowed the damage to quickly stack up to something potent.

Moreover, the bow was the legendary weapon, the Elf’s Oath of Vengeance. After locking onto her, each arrow contained magic power. Noella was only a huge target within the eyes of the legendary ranger.

Like Sisna, Lysfer maintained her distance. Even if she had the Spellthief’s Scimitar and Noella was weaker compared to her heyday, Lysfer would still have a hard time touching her. As a ninth rank assassin, approaching closely was too large a risk to take.

A seventh rank warrior could, under certain conditions, contend against a ninth rank of any profession, but a ninth rank could never challenge legendary rank powerhouses. This was because legendaries had transcended mortality.


“You insects! You bunch of insects! How dare you hurt the great Noella!”

“I’ll kill you all. I’ll kill you all!”

The shadow dragon hovered in a small area. Every time she tried to break out, she would be hit by Louie’s breath and be greeted by a rain of arrows. His flames burned violently and wouldn’t go out. Like a turtle in a jar, the Queen of Calamity felt trapped on all sides without any recourse.

She roared and roared. She cursed and insulted Louie in hopes of creating an opening, but it had no effect. As a former human, he easily saw through those petty tricks.

Gradually, Noella’s roars weakened, replaced by whimpers and moans of pain. The solid black shadow became several tones lighter, and her 40-meter long body became illusory.

But her heart still burned with hatred and anger. All of her plans had gone astray from what she had initially envisioned. If Louie and others hadn’t come to her nest, her injuries would have healed properly. After some more time, she would awaken by herself and return to cause calamity in the world again.

Although Louie’s arrival caused her to awaken slightly ahead of time, this wasn’t too harmful. For Noella, this did not affect her strength.

In fact, it was the presence of a member of her race that had initially woken her up. As a proud queen, she was prepared to capture back this clan member and once again let the male dragons feel the fear of a thousand years ago.

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She had even finished her preparations.

However, things did not go as planned. The course of events and outcome was different from what she envisioned.

First of all, the fellow she encountered was not an ordinary dragon but a demigod primordial dragon.

After finding out Louie’s identity, Noella was already prepared to retreat. She wasn’t afraid of a demigod dragon, but it would be difficult for her to defeat him. So she wasn’t prepared to fight for her life. She wanted to leave immediately and return to the continent.

If the identity of the opponent surprised Noella a little, then what she found next made her heart go cold.

Her body was gone. Her most important asset!!

Noella had received a serious injury that nearly killed her in a battle a thousand years ago. So, she chose a very rare but highly effective treatment method to separate and heal the body and soul separately.

As an intelligent dragon who had learned magic, she developed a powerful legendary spell. This spell allowed her to turn her soul into a shadow dragon. After her body healed, she would merge with her body and gain a new ability. She would be able to switch between a shadow body and a physical body. This would allow her to become even stronger than in her heyday.

The legendary spell in itself was very dangerous. Noella was afraid of experimenting with her own body, but the serious injury she suffered a thousand years ago left her no choice but to put it into effect.

Everything had been going in the right direction and it took her a thousand years to succeed. Now, the only step left was to merge back with her body. This would allow her to become stronger to the point that she could rise to demigodhood in one fell swoop!

However, her body was unexpectedly stolen. While she was healing and unconscious, it was stolen by someone.

The demigod lich that she worked with was the most suspicious person. Even Noella suspected that her body had already been turned into a puppet.

Without her body, her power was severely decreased. She did not dare expose too much to Louie and could only bluff to buy some time.

Fortunately, her shadow dragon soul had many protective spells. As long as she endured a powerful attack, then she could find the chance to escape. She would think about what to do afterward once she escaped.

All her plans were very good, but she never expected one last thing - the demigod dragon destroying all her protective spells with just one ability. This ability was even more terrifying than the [Spell Breaker] spell.

She felt that she must have been cursed by the Goddess of Misfortune or abandoned by the Goddess of Luck.

At this moment, she did not even think of how to escape anymore, but how to keep her life.

The continuous dragon breath left Louie’s throat a bit dry. He expressed admiration at Noella’s strong vitality.

The Queen of Calamity was a dragon that had almost become a demigod. In a situation where she had lost her body and her magic resistance greatly reduced, she was still able to persist for so long and still let out a loud scream. This perseverance and vitality were worthy of praise.

However, Louie no longer wanted to waste any more time.

Seeing Noella’s fading body still trying to break out of his breath, Louie’s right head shot out powerful magic, blasting the Queen of Calamity to a wall. At the same moment, his left head began to gather magnetic light.

He was ready to scare this Queen of Calamity into obedience.

What converged in Louie’s head was exactly the powerful ability, his self-proclaimed legendary spell [Super Railgun].

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