Chapter 122 - Submissive Queen of Calamity!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 122 - Submissive Queen of Calamity!

The metals Louie had gathered within his body earlier on began to merge together.

A metal sphere appeared in his mouth. Although there was no magic power behind it, the Queen of Calamity sensed its potent threat.

Before she could respond, a dazzling bright light instantly erupted from Louie’s mouth and lit up the dark Shadow Realm


A violent explosion echoed inside the mountain. A beam of light pierced through Noella’s shadow body and blasted against the mountain wall. The brightness was like light magic, causing Sisna and Lysfer to block their eyes. When they opened their eyes, they were horrified to see that the beam of light had penetrated through the mountain to the outside.

A huge hole appeared in the belly of the mountain. It was still burning and radiating an intense heat.


Sisna and Lysfer sucked in a breath of cold air. They were appalled at the destructive power of the ‘spell’. It was at least of the legendary rank, and the two estimated that the blow was enough to tear the flesh of a powerful dragon to pieces.

But compared to the destructive power of this spell, the most terrifying thing was that there was simply no warning at all. They didn’t even see Louie make any preparations or gestures. It was simply instantaneous and impossible to prevent.

This was the power of the modern battleship killer. Although it did not use divine power, it had a terrifying penetrative power that was enough to tear any creature apart!

The Queen of Calamity’s body trembled and rolled. Although the railgun could not deal a lot of damage to her shadow body, the influx of a large amount of energy had heavily injured her. She wailed in agony, and her fading body became even more illusory.

“You should be glad you don’t have a corporeal body right now, Queen of Calamity!”

Louie’s wings unfurled and covered the huge pit. His heads gazed at Noella as he let out those arrogant words.

Under the situation where the opponent didn’t have any protection, his railgun was enough to tear a dragon in two.

Naturally, just because the railgun was powerful didn’t mean that it was invincible. When facing a God, the killing power wasn’t useful. Even the Terran Civilization with all kinds of advanced weapons wouldn’t say that they were completely effective.

Moreover, it was only effective against creatures with physical bodies and no protective spells. Its effects were weaker against opponents that could not die or elemental creatures.

That said, even with its shortcomings, it was a potent technique to have in one's arsenal. If it was fired fast enough before the enemy could react, it would be able to cause problems to legendary rank and even demigod rank powerhouses.

“You now have two choices, Noella Nys Gein. Do you want to live or do you want to die?! This time, the legendary spell I used was created to do heavy damage to flesh. If you continue to resist, I don't mind following up with a technique to tear apart incorporeal bodies!”

Louie used the power of the railgun to fool the Queen of Calamity.

Legendary spells? Louie didn’t know any. He could use the divine authority of magic to imitate it, but it would take a lot of divine power, and he didn’t want to do it.

But he believed that he could successfully bluff the female dragon because no one knew his roots. Unless the female dragon didn’t want to live anymore, she wouldn’t ignore the possibility of Louie being able to use legendary spells. The railgun just now was already proof of Louie’s attainments in ‘magic’.

Noella had indeed been fooled, and she looked at Louie with fear. The core of her shadow body was her soul and she was afraid that he would really use a more terrifying spell to completely destroy her body. If that happened, she would be dead. Even the Gods wouldn’t be able to bring her back to life.

“All will submit to me! Now, it’s time to make your choice, O Crimson Calamity!”

Faced with the cold cruelty of Louie’s dragon eyes, Noella knew that if she refused, then she would face a calamity. Today would be the day of her end.

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She didn’t want to die. Indeed, no living creature would want to die unless they were in complete despair. This was especially so for a genius like her who might only appear in a millennium. She was just one step away from becoming a demigod in this era when the Gods had disappeared. She even had the possibility of transcendi a God.

How could such a person be willing to die in this pit in the Shadow Realm?

“Submit to me and I will share my glory with you. My goal is to become the new Dragon God. If that day comes, I will return you your freedom and even help you become a God.

Louie’s words made Noella’s expression change a little. She was not moved by Louie’s promise at all. Rather, she felt that this dragon in front of her was walking on a path with two ends, either success or failure. No matter what the outcome was, she would regain her freedom.

“Your body was stolen by someone, right? It seems that you already know who took it. With your current state, do you think that you could take it back? Without your body, your path is already at a dead end. Noella, if you submit to me, then perhaps, I will help you take back everything you have!”

Louie tried to paint a rosy picture. He was like a devil enticing his victim.

For Louie, he desperately needed her secrets and knowledge. He could even make as many empty promises as necessary.

The Queen of Calamity's expression relaxed. She felt that Louie, as a demigod primordial dragon, wouldn’t make promises easily.

Moreover, she was a legendary dragon who was half-step into becoming a demigod.

Noella suddenly had an epiphany. She was a powerful dragon that only the Gods could force her into a ‘slave contract’. As a demigod, Louie simply could not bind her with it at all.

In other words, even if she submits, the contract that she signs won’t be too harsh and still have a high degree of freedom. As for dragon’s glory, she didn’t care about it. It wasn’t more important than life.

She was the Queen of Calamity who dared to risk hostility with all dragons and turn herself into a shadow dragon. With the thought that life was the most important thing, she made her determination.

She slightly lowered her head and spoke unwillingly, “Okay… you win this time mighty demigod dragon. This Queen of Calamity, Noella Nys Gein, will give your her allegiance.

No one saw the sly smile on Noella’s face as her head was lowered.

But because she had her head down, she didn’t see Louie’s sly smile either.

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