Chapter 112 - Shadow Dragon King! Ancient Dragon?
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 112 - Shadow Dragon King! Ancient Dragon?

“Shadow Dragon King?”

Hearing the fetchling’s words, Louie’s expression turned grim.

The old fetchling was likely the village’s chief. He trembled with fear as he stole glances at the thousand-man army as well as the river of blood and corpses. The rest of the fetchlings were also kneeling on the ground with blades on their necks.

He raised his head and looked at Louie, who was floating in the air and said, “Ye-yes, mighty dragon. We are fetchlings under the Shadow Dragon King’s territory.

Louie’s might almost caused the timid creatures to lose consciousness. Luckily, they were previously humans, providing them with a certain level of resistance. Had they been goblins, they would have been frightened to death.

Louie eyed Sisna and Lysfer. He wanted to hear if they knew anything about this Shadow Dragon King. But the two were at a loss and shook their heads.

‘Sisna and Lysfer don’t know either. If even they don’t know, then it means that the Shadow Dragon King isn’t famous in the main continent. Perhaps it is only a leader in the Shadow Realm? Since it is a dragon, it might have just been one that had stumbled inside the realm and decided to live there.

Louie guessed and looked at the old fetchling, “Tell me, what does the Shadow Dragon King look like? How long is it?”

Louie was trying to guess what kind of dragon it was from the appearance. Moreover, he could guess the age and strength of the dragon from its size.

That said, he could be mistaken if the Shadow Dragon King was like him, with strength that could not be determined by appearance alone.

“I, I don’t know. I have never seen Lord Shadow Dragon King. No one in the nearby fetchling villages has seen it before,” the village chief replied in terror.

“No one has seen it? Then why are you being submissive towards it?”

Louie was stunned. He never imagined that the Shadow Dragon King hadn’t shown itself before.

“The Shadow Dragon King has many subordinates. There are goblins, kobolds, nightshades, shadow mastiffs, and also specters. The Shadow Dragon King has them pass down its orders.

Goblins could be seen everywhere. Although they were cowardly and timid, they still had a bit of intelligence.

Kobolds were exclusive servants of dragons. Almost every one of them served the glory of dragons.

As for nightshades, shadow mastiffs, and specters, these were original inhabitants of the Shadow Realm. They were all relatively powerful. The reason why the Shadow Dragon King’s subordinates were able to control these fetchlings was due to the strength of these three creatures.

“The Shadow Dragon King requests that everyone be subservient to it and put their faith in it. If we don’t listen, then the shadow creatures would annihilate the village. Even if we put our faith in it, specters and kobolds would still wander and occasionally attack. The weapons we prepared were set up to deal with them.”

This fetchling spoke quickly after seeing that Louie was dissatisfied.


Hearing this, Louie’s eyes widened, and even Sisna and Lysfer were stunned.

Generally, faith was related to Gods in this world. Even if it was not a true god, it would at least be a demigod.

‘Could it be a true God? No, that’s impossible. True Gods are not this low-key. Furthermore, they will have far more believers than the Shadow Realm can provide. Moreover, they haven’t appeared for a long time already... But it also doesn’t seem to be a demigod. The expression and faith of these fetchlings came from terror. The efficiency of this kind of faith is low. A true demigod would definitely understand this.’

True faith was reverence from the heart, rather than relying on emotions like fear. An example of this was faith from Dragon City. That was the true faith.

If the Shadow Dragon King was a demigod and wanted to become a true God, then it was impossible for it to not understand the true essence of faith and use these kind of totalitarian means.

Demigods had a hard time converting faith, faith brought from fear was scarce and almost useless.

Louie continued to ask, “How long have you been ruled by the Shadow Dragon King?”

“A-about a thousand years my lord. Our ancestors had been ruled by the Shadow Dragon King for that long.”

The village chief showed a smile.

‘A thousand years…’

Hearing this, Louie sucked in a breath of cold air.

From his words, he could tell that the Shadow Dragon King wasn’t a young dragon anymore. That means that it should be a prime dragon or an elder dragon already.

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There was even a chance of it being an ancient dragon.

How powerful was an ancient dragon, you ask? It could already arm-wrestle with normal demigods. Even if they couldn’t win easily, they wouldn’t die easily as well. They were witnesses of history!

With Louie’s current strength, he needed to become a demigod and use the railgun to kill it.

But ancient dragons were very rare, because not every dragon could become one. Becoming one did not solely rely on the dragon’s growth and age.

“Where is the Shadow Dragon King now?”

Louie felt that things had become tricky.

“From here, you go straight ahead. There is a towering shadowy mountain over there. At the foot of the mountain is a huge cave. It’s said that the Shadow Dragon King lives there.”

The village chief hurriedly said.

Louie used [Thought Detection] to confirm that he was not lying.

“The exit is close to Dragon City. That Shadow Dragon King is a big problem.”

Louie slowly spoke to Sisna and Lysfer.

He didn’t want Dragon City to be suddenly attacked by an unknown dragon one day. The infrastructure that he had built up with great difficulty might be destroyed.

So, Louie decided to nip the danger at the bud.

"If the other side is a dragon that has lived for more than a thousand years, then th.”

Louie said in a deep voice as he looked at his army.

Thousand of troops in the face of a thousand-year-old dragon was already suicide.

“So, Sisna and Lysfer, both of you follow me. Even if you encounter danger, I’m sure I can get you both out safely.”

Louie gave his orders. Sisna was a legendary rank ranger. Even if the other party was an ancient dragon, she would be able to retreat in one piece.

As for Lysfer, even if she was just a ninth rank mortal, she had the qualities of an assassin, which would allow her to escape danger. Moreover, Louie would help her, so her safety was guaranteed.

Louie decided not to be stingy with his divine power. The other side was a huge threat to Dragon City. He would not allow it to exist. Moreover, if it was really a dragon, then the other party should have a huge amount of treasures!

“Big bear, second bear, I’ll leave the command of these troops to you. Let these fetchlings lead you to other fetchling villages. Conquer them one by one and turn them into slaves of Dragon City. They may be of great use in the future.

Louie planned everything well.

“Yes. milord. We will bring you victory!”

The bear brothers patted their chest in assurance.

“There’s no time to lose. Sisna and Lysfer, let’s set off immediately.”

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