Chapter 113 - Humanoid Form
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 113 - Humanoid Form

Louie soared through the sky in the Shadow Realm, gazing closely at the ground beneath him. He was trying to determine the difference between this world and the main continent. Sisna and Lysfer hurried behind him on foot.

As a being of supposedly great status, he couldn’t allow any creature to ride upon his back, even if it was a female he had slept with. This stemmed from his pride as a dragon and as a man.

All the same, both Sisna and Lysfer were already at or near the legendary rank. And both held professions that emphasized speed, so they didn’t lag behind too much.

Turning forward he spied a mountain that would serve as his landing point. With a flap of his wings, he changed directions and headed straight for it, his golden body streaking through the monochrome sky.

Since he didn’t want to be discovered by the Shadow Dragon King, for now, he would have to be a little less conspicuous. Consequently, upon arriving at the foot of the mountain, his 10-meter long body quickly shrank in size and assumed a humanoid form.

Although he had not yet mastered [Ultimate Transformation], he could use divine power to change his appearance. This was one of a God’s abilities.

The reason why he never used this before was due to how precious divine power was. Even if it did not consume much, it was still better to not waste anything.

After transforming, he finally understood why most dragons did not like to turn into other forms. This was because doing so would reduce their combat power. For dragons, their natural bodies were the best vessels to display their boundless strength. Nevertheless, he had to temporarily abandon it in the interest of expediency.

‘Fortunately, the citizens of Dragon City are unconsciously providing me with a small amount of faith to offset the expenditure. Still, it would be better to learn [Ultimate Transformation]. This feels far too extravagant,’ he thought, feeling the pangs in his heart.

He hadn’t yet planned for what he would do once he met the Shadow Dragon King. A fight would likely break out and in order to win it was very possible that he would come close to emptying his tank of divine energy.

In fact, if it wasn’t for the 24 racial spells he learned earlier, he would likely have had to waste even more power on the fight.

After putting away his thoughts, Louie used [Reverse Gravity] to float in midair and slowly climb up the mountain, leaving behind the valley surrounded by tall mountains.

After waiting for a while, two shadows appeared from behind him. Sisna and Lysfer had finally caught up.

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As the two people ascended the mountain, Sisna’s breathing remained steady while Lysfer was gasping for breath. From this, the difference in strength between them was clear.


When the elf and beastman arrived at the agreed-upon location, they were surprised to find that it wasn’t a dragon, but a man who had his back to them.

The two were startled and subconsciously went on alert, but soon they thought of dragons’ purported ability to change into other species. They relaxed as a result.

‘Milord is truly praiseworthy. Even if he is a demigod primordial dragon, he still remains cautious and tries to minimize the danger. I have much to learn.’

Sisna secretly praised her lord with admiration.

‘It’s surprising that he’s this careful as a proud dragon. Could it be that my careless manner was incorrect? Should I be more prudent when doing things to be able to get closer to the legendary rank?’

After seeing Louie’s humanoid form, Lysfer also had many thoughts in her mind.

Sisna and Lysfer had been living in Dragon City for a while already. They had never seen Louie change into a different form before, so they felt that there was a major reason he had appeared as a human now.

They didn’t know that Louie was just afraid of trouble and wanted to sneak around. Unknowingly admired by Sisna and Lysfer like this, Louie slowly turned around and said, “Take a short rest. We’ll set off soon.”

This time, Sisna and Lysfer were able to see Louie’s appearance.

He was about six feet tall, which was quite tall for this world due to people’s malnutrition. He had short black silky hair that seemed darker than the night. His features were well-defined with both the soft beauty of the elves and the cold strictness of humans. Anyone who saw him would undoubtedly call him a looker.

What was particularly impressive was the pair of pure golden pupils set within his eyes. They seemed to become even more terrifying when paired with his human form as against his dragon one.

His golden scales had turned into a pale gray kimono that shimmered with azure and emerald light.

Louie’s humanoid form was definitely not how he looked before his reincarnation. As a person who loved beauty, Louie directly added his own corrections to his appearance and turned himself into a pretty boy from magazines.

Sisna and Lysfer lowered their heads and did not dare look directly. Although what appeared in front of them looked like a human male, they knew that he was still a terrifying dragon in essence.

“Goblins, kobolds, shadow mastiffs… the fetchling village chief wasn’t lying. Hmm? Those goblins and kobolds actually have shadow energy in them. It seems they are also quite different from those in the main continent. Moreover, can pick up the faint scent of death. Interesting...”

In order to maintain the majesty of a dragon, Louie tried his best not to smile and spoke in a low and majestic voice.

“Do not alarm them. Let’s enter the deepest part of this dark mountain together. Let me see what this so-called Shadow Dragon King really is!”

After speaking, Louie’s figure disappeared. This was one of the racial magic he mastered - [Concealment].

Sisna and Lysfer looked at each other and used their respective abilities to sneak in. In a flash, the three easily bypassed these monsters and entered deep into the mountain.

“This is indeed the scent of a dragon. Follow me. Since it did not hide its traces, I already know where it is.”

As soon as Louie entered the interior of the mountain, he immediately sensed the source of the smell.

“This smell is a bit strange. It isn’t the scent of the living, nor of the dead.”

With curiosity, Louie sped up the pace and passed a long tunnel. Sisna skimmed the surroundings and saw the murals. She was immediately shocked and said, “This mural! This is the ‘Crimson Calamity’!”

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