Chapter 114 - Discovered a Female Dragon, the Queen of Calamity!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 114 - Discovered a Female Dragon, the Queen of Calamity!

“Crimson Calamity?”

Louie stopped walking when he heard her words. He slowly turned his head to look at Sisna with a puzzled expression.

Having lived as a human for more than 20 years, he did not find it difficult to control his new body, but he still felt strangely light. His movements were slightly awkward, and he felt the lack of his claws, scales, and impressive muscles clearly. It was unpleasant, and he understood perfectly well why dragons disliked humanoid forms.

A particular point that interested him was where all the mass he had as a dragon had disappeared to after his transformation.

“Milord, Crimson Calamity is the title of a red dragon that lived more than a thousand years ago. Her real name is Noella Nys Gein and she was known as the ‘Destroyer of Nations’ and the ‘Queen of Calamity’...”

Sisna knew that Louie had been living outside of the main continent for the past ten thousand years and understood that there were a lot of things in history that he did not know. Therefore, she bowed slightly and explained.

“She? Is it a female dragon?”

Her gender mattered a lot more to him than her title at the moment.

He raised his eyebrows slightly and asked with great interest.

“Yes, milord!”

At Sisna’s answer, Louie turned his attention to the wall. There were indeed murals carved using ancient techniques common to the early ways of recording history.

If the Queen of Calamity was indeed a figure from more than a thousand years ago, then the level of civilization shouldn’t be too different from now. Even if she wanted to record things, it would have been better to not use murals.

‘At the time when civilization was obscure, humans used to record on walls. What was recorded was mostly related to the Gods. That red dragon might have an interest in the Gods…’

Louie thought and immediately understood.

The content on the murals wasn’t complicated. Even if Sisna didn’t explain, Louie could understand that it depicted the life of the red dragon.

But compared to guessing the content of the murals, Louie would rather read written records that were more detailed and comprehensive.

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“Given the skills required to craft these murals, it is impossible for the goblins and kobolds to have been responsible. These were perhaps done by the fetchlings under the order of that Queen of Calamity. The fetchlings are descendants of humans, so they likely possess human dexterity.”

On Earth, these impressions would undoubtedly become cherished archaeological sites, and so Louie admired them for a bit before speaking, “Sisna, explain everything you know about the red dragon to me. She is likely related to that ‘Shadow Dragon King’.

Lysfer also looked at Sisna with interest. She had heard stories of the red dragon before, but beastmen had the same life expectancy as humans. A thousand years was already a very long time for history to become distorted. On the other hand, Sisna was an elf that had lived for a long time. A millennium was probably the lifespan of an ordinary elf, while Sisna was a legendary rank ranger. A millennium was just the beginning of her life.

Sisna thought deeply and closed her eyes. Her long eyelashes moved even in the darkness of the cave.

“When the Queen of Calamity was ravaging the continent, I was still very young, so I don’t have much of an impression of it. I also only heard about her actions afterward.”

When Louie heard her words, he had nothing to say. As a former human, Louie felt that Sisna was already quite old. She could already be his grandmother’s grandmother’s grandmother. Even the elven maids that served him had a minimum age of about two hundred years old. This was just hardcore with respect to a human’s view of age.

Luckily he was a dragon now, so such things were normalized. He continued listening to Sisna’s explanation.

“The Queen of Calamity Noella Nys Gein is an oddity among the red dragons, and also among dragons…”

Saying this, Sisna raised her head to look at Louie with hesitation.

“You can say whatever you want, I won’t mind.”

Louie nodded at her, signaling that she could say all her thoughts.

Sisna slightly relaxed and continued, “The Queen of Calamity is different from other dragons. She isn’t lazy at all and didn’t just wait for her death. Other dragons would just hide and sleep to become stronger after passing the juvenile period.”

Lysfer rolled her eyes.

‘Do you think that saying bad things about dragons is a good idea in front of the lord? Don’t you know that dragons are very proud of their own race?’

But she did not bother to remind Sisna. The lord’s anger at her was not her business.

But Louie secretly nodded his head and agreed with Sisna’s words. In his opinion, dragons were creatures that lived to wait for their deaths.

“No one knows what happened to the Queen of Calamity before her adult stage. Her first appearance was that of an adult dragon, but at that time, she did not do anything big. She became a human hidden in society, learning all kinds of knowledge. There are even records that she had joined a hidden organization of mages and succeeded in becoming a legendary rank mage.”

“I see, she relied on her innate intelligence and life span as a dragon to forge a great reputation in human society while disguised as a human. Then she relied on her fame as a mage to become a legendary rank mage.”


Hearing Sisna’s words, Louie felt that the Queen of Calamity was indeed an oddity. As a member of a race that possessed innate magic and mostly relied on their own bodies to fight, she had decided to become a mage, and even rose to the legendary rank!

Though dragons were born with superior intelligence and could grasp the concepts behind spells more easily than most humans, their strong magic resistance meant it was difficult for them to fully learn spells.

If Louie did not have the divine authority of magic, even he would be helpless. On the other hand, the red dragon had the patience to learn spells and finally became a legendary rank mage.

Louie felt that this was too amazing. As a dragon, she did not have the physical weaknesses of most mages. When fighting, she could spit out dragon breath with her mouth, slap her enemies with her right claws, and send out lightning and thunder that she had already prepared with her left claws. She was practically a demigod.

If she could become an ancient dragon or even a weak true god, no one would dare fight a headache like her, not even the battle-hardened true Gods.

“This was one of the paths that I thought of following…”

Louie felt that this red dragon had the same initial plans as him. That was to learn carefully while hiding and rely on the advantages of being a dragon to work hard before striking it big in the world.

But because of the Intelligent BrainW, Louie had to give up this route.

This red dragon was much more extreme. She had directly hidden among the humans and actively became strong.

‘What an amazing red dragon!’

Louie sighed in admiration. He was very interested in this impressive figure.

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