Chapter 115 - A Spell that Can Impregnate Dragons!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 115 - A Spell that Can Impregnate Dragons!

“It wasn’t long after the Queen of Calamity became a legendary mage that she seemed to go crazy. She began to attack the countries of the main continent and even destroyed a duchy. This was how her title of ‘Destroyer of Nations’ came to be. Some of the current human kingdoms are built on the ruins caused by her.”

Sisna continued to explain while Louie and Lysfer listened carefully.

“Other than destroying a country and massacring its people, the Queen of Calamity also killed elves, beastmen, dwarves, halflings, and many other races in the main continent. This led to public outrage causing many legendary rank powerhouses and demigods to launch a crusade against her. However, she was too cunning. By relying on her powers as a dragon and the power of spells, she was able to escape their assault.”

“After that, the red dragon took revenge by hunting those who had attacked her one by one. As a result, several legendary rank powerhouses were killed.”

Sisna’s words made Louie secretly nod his head. The red dragon had a deep understanding of the tactic ‘retreating while the enemy is advancing, and attacking when the enemy is tired’. Moreover, her revenge was lightning fast.

“How did this red dragon finally fall?”

Louie listened to Sisna’s explanation while looking at the murals. They seemed to be in line with Sisna’s explanation.

But since the red dragon had disappeared from history, it meant that she had lost the battle.


Sisna hesitated for a moment and blushed slightly. She continued, “At the very end, even dragons joined hands with the enemy side. With the dragon’s ability to sense others of the same race, the Queen of Calamity finally had nowhere to run. Her escape routes were completely sealed by the legendary powerhouses and the demigods.”

‘Hmm? Do dragons have the ability to sense their own kind? Why didn’t I know that?’

Louie thought with chagrin.

‘It’s probably another piece of innate knowledge that I’m lacking due to not being born as a dragon.’

“What did she do to actually turn the dragons against her as well?”

Louie still knew a lot about dragons. Even if the Queen of Calamity slaughtered the entire main continent, as long as she did not provoke the dragons as a community, they wouldn’t even pay attention to her and might even honor her. This was because she showed the entire main continent how powerful dragons were.

Therefore, she must have done something that disgraced the dragon race.

Sisna’s face became even redder. She secretly muttered that she was a bit embarrassed to say, but as a legendary powerhouse, she held back her embarrassment and continued, “The Queen of Calamity created a spell that only affects dragons. It is a very very terrifying spell.”

After mentioning this, Louie and Lysfer’s curiosity increased. Sisna stuttered as she continued, “Dragons’ fertility can be said to be the lowest among all the races in the world. Even if dragon eggs are laid, there is a large chance that a real dragon would not be born and only some dragon beasts without true draconic power.”

“Sisna, you’ve gone off-topic!”

Louie said with slight dissatisfaction. He was curious about that very, very terrifying spell, but didn’t expect Sisna to begin talking about dragon fertility.

“I-I apologize. It’s just that the spell had something to do with dragon fertility.”

Sisna lowered her head and trembled as she naively spoke.

However, she was secretly pleased in her heart. She never knew that talking in such a roundabout way was actually enjoyable.

‘It’s no wonder Her Majesty always likes to talk to me in this way.’

After seeing Louie’s veins throb, Sisna finally stopped beating the bush.

“If a dragon’s eggs are not fully fertilized, dragon beasts would be born. What she created was a spell that could make dragons pregnant. This spell could not only make female dragons pregnant but also make male dragons pregnant.”

At the end of the sentence, Sisna’s voice became smaller and smaller.

“M-make male dragons pregnant?”

Louie was dumbfounded. He felt cold in his stomach and tensed up. He unconsciously shrunk back at that thought of being pregnant.

After all, he was also a male dragon!

Lysfer froze and her body trembled. If they were not in a dangerous environment, she would have laughed out loud.

‘So milord could have such a cute side as well…’

“That’s right. It was a spell that could make male dragons pregnant, but this spell could not make them give birth to real dragons and only irrational dragon beasts. The Queen of Calamity captured many male dragons and imprisoned them. Then she used the spell to make them give birth, causing the male dragons to lay eggs every day. Thus the Queen of Calamity was able to gain an army of dragon beasts.”

“It was with this army that she was able to capture seven kingdoms in a short period of time.”

Louie’s heart thumped as he listened. This would simply scare the shit out of every male dragon. It was no wonder that the dragons would also join in to attack her, and probably most male dragons joined in. They were most likely afraid that they would be the next ones caught by the crazy dragon.

Louie thought about it. If he also lived in that era, he might have joined in to destroy this red dragon. This spell simply brought shame to the males of his species.

However, the red dragon was without a doubt amazing. Without the backing of any major power, she was able to cause chaos to the entire continent. She was definitely living a wonderful dragon life.

Her name was truly well deserved.

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“In the final battle, the Queen of Calamity disappeared from the main continent, so everyone thought that the terrible evil red dragon had been slain, but…”

At the end of her sentence, Sisna’s face became grave.

“But after seeing these murals in this dark mountain, it is likely that she didn’t completely fall back then. She probably hid in the Shadow Realm. Is that what you want to say, Sisna?” Louie said.

“Yes, milord. I suspect that the red dragon didn’t die and instead hid here. She is a legendary mage that could cast powerful spells. It would be dangerous to barge into her lair.”

Sisna said worriedly.

Although legendary rank mages were powerful in battle with their bizarre magic, its danger wasn’t any different from other legendary rank professions.

But if the legendary mage was in their tower or workshop, then the legendary mage would have the home-ground advantage. Their strength would be beyond imagination. Even a demigod would be in danger. This was equivalent to a legendary rank mage’s kingdom.

“No need to worry. I don’t sense any spells or traps here.”

Louie closed his eyes to sense the surroundings. After lighting up the divine authority of magic, he was unusually sensitive to magic. Although the Queen of Calamity was strong, it was impossible for her to hide from him.

“What’s more, there is no need for you to be afraid with me here.”

Louie said confidently.

Sisna and Lysfer were immediately reassured by the words of a demigod dragon. Their faint fear had dissipated.

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