Chapter 111 - One-sided Slaughter
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 111 - One-sided Slaughter


As the mist dispersed, the fetchlings were surprised to find the army, which initially seemed kilometers away, at their doorsteps. With the gates already burnt to ashes by the dragon, there was nothing to stop the charge of the Dragon City forces.


Even relatively timid folks were inundated in the battlefield’s bloodlust. Rationality and composure were thrown away in favor of an unstoppable desire to slaughter their enemies.

The beastmen were full of excitement. They had grown up in such situations, and warfare had been branded onto their bones. With glee, they raised their blades and hacked the bodies of their victims.


Steel cleaved through flesh as the malnourished fetchlings were overrun by the beastmen. The dry soils quickly ran red with their blood and innards.

Occasionally, some fetchlings would thrust their wooden spears at their aggressors, but these would hardly make any headway before being stopped by the beastmen’s thick muscles and armor. Their primitive weapons were thus rendered even more ineffective.

At the backlines, Sisna calmly dictated down orders. Occasionally she would order the priests and druids to release spells to cure the beastmen of the poison-laced onto the enemies’ arrows.

The human soldiers hid between the gaps of the beastmen. At first, they did not proactively attack due to fear, but soon they had no choice but to implement their training.

They would raise their wooden shields to block the opponent’s wooden spears and chop with their swords. On their left and right sides were comrades who would support them. Under this stimulation, their innate violence was completely released as they marched forward.

The elves located in the rear of the battlefield shot their arrows with exquisite precision. Their skills allowed them to reap lives with each twang of their bows, and in the unlikely event that any stragglers made their way to them, the opponent would soon fall to their sharpened blades.

Sisna and Lysfer did not directly join in the slaughter. One wielded a bow and arrow to provide support, while the other used their dexterity to pull out those that were in a dangerous situation.

In the bloody haze, one soldier went too deeply into enemy territory. He was quickly roused by the sensation of a wooden stake piercing his leg.

When he regained his senses he saw that four fetchlings had surrounded him, and fear struck his heart. Just when he thought that he was about to lose his life, an arrow flew past him and shot one of the fetchlings followed by a fast figure that killed the rest of them.

“Even when you are forgetting yourself due to the fight, always maintain a certain amount of sanity. Do not learn from those crazy beastmen. Elves and humans simply have different body structures from birth.”

An indifferent male voice sounded. Wyatt then saw that it was a male elf who saved him. His body was stained with blood and his hair was messy, but Wyatt could not help but find his savior to be extremely beautiful.

“Th-thanks… I’ll pay attention…”

Wyatt thanked in a rushed manner. After taking a closer look at the elf, he was surprised, “...It’s you?”

He recognized the male elf as the same one who had handed him water during the draft.

The elf was also a centurion commanding two hundred elves and also a fourth rank ranger.

The elf did not expect the human to recognize him, but he still kept his cool and urged, “Can you still stand up and fight?”

“No problem!”

Looking at the elf’s cold attitude, Wyatt took the elf’s hand with a reddened face.

“Protect my right side just like in training. Let’s work together to kill our way out.


Wyatt gripped his sword and shield tightly.

His blood boiled with gratitude.


Louie floated in mid-air watching with cold eyes at the slaughter happening below him. In just a short amount of time, more than half of the fetchlings had been killed.

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It wasn’t that Louie attacked without even communicating with the fetchlings, but he understood their race.

As mutations from humans, the fetchlings had a strong inferiority complex. They often submitted to powerful monsters. This implied that there was a dangerous creature nearby. And if they found more villages of the sort, then it was even more dangerous.

It was possible to communicate with an individual fetchling, but it was impossible when there was a village of them gathered together. It was better to show the power that surpassed the monster they feared. That way, the fetchlings would recognize him and submit to him wholeheartedly.

In other words, they were a race that loved bullying others because they were so easy to bully.

When the Theocracy left Dragon City, they had burned all the grains, but some armaments could not be destroyed. As a result, Louie was left with several thousand sets of equipment. This equipment was high quality and able to fully arm his military.

The fetchlings themselves were not strong. They were probably only farmer turned soldiers and their weapons were only made of wood. As for the poison they were using, the priests and druids could cure them. Their geographical superiority and defensive equipment had also been destroyed by Louie’s dragon breath. In short, they were completely defenseless against the offensive.

When the fetchlings were almost completely killed, an old fetchling finally gave up resisting and kneeled on the ground, “We surrender. We surrender. You are stronger than the Shadow Dragon King’s warriors. We surrender!”

As the old fetchling shouted, the other fetchlings followed suit and knelt on the ground, dropping the weapon in their hands.

“Shadow Dragon King?”

Louie was not surprised by their surrender. This was already expected. What he was surprised about were the words that came from the fetchling’s mouth.

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