Chapter 110 - Fetchling Village
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 110 - Fetchling Village

“Milord, there it is…”

Lysfer pointed at a small settlement at the far side of the plains. It showed definite signs of activity.

The village was surrounded by thick fences of wood with protruding spikes, and behind it lay a mountain. Although the fence and gate were not as strong as their stone counterparts, they managed to leverage the geographical advantage of the location.

“Looks like it’s not just a bunch of rabble. There are considerable military defenses.”

Lysfer licked her lips. She narrowed her eyes and surveyed the village with a look of affirmation.

Sisna’s face was cold. She took a look at the village and said, “The village is on high ground. If there are guard posts and archers on the rocky hills around, they would be able to cause huge casualties to their enemies.”

“We can only attack the main gate by force.”

“But that would bring unnecessary sacrifices.”

She and Lysfer swapped opinions as to the right course of action.

Louie waited for them to finish and calmly nodded, “This aboriginal village is set up like a small fortress. This means that the neighborhood isn’t safe, otherwise, they wouldn’t need to implement such defensive measures.”

Louie slowly continued, “I thought they were just some weak natives that would submit easily. We could have peacefully extracted information on the surrounding areas from them, but that possibility seems slim now.”

A group experienced with war would not easily be subjugated. Even in the face of stronger enemies, they would dare to fight. Only true dread could subdue them.

“Sisna, Lysfer, have the humans hold up their shields and advance to the front. I will go over and personally break down that wooden door. You will have to quickly go in and subjugate them as fast as you can! If they resist violently, kill them. Just make sure to leave behind a few for interrogation.”

Louie did not wait for the two to reply and flew up.

Seeing this Sisna and Lysfer dare not delay and hurriedly passed down orders.

The humans with wooden shields quickly ran to the front. They raised their round shields to block the opponent’s arrows. The beastmen bent down to minimize their exposure. At the same time, they held their axes above their heads to stop arrows. The elves who were good at archery clenched the longbows in their hands. As long as they were in range, they would be able to do pinpoint shooting.

The legion maintained formation and marched on, just like how they trained.

Flying in the air, Louie looked back with satisfaction at the army which had only been training for a short amount of time. Soon the army would become stronger and stronger.

Retracting his mind, Louie once again looked at the village.

Louie did not feel any guilt at all attacking a village that did not have anything to do with the attack of the patrolmen. This was the main theme of San Soliel after all: adventure, war, blood, and death.

In this world, killing was happening at every moment. Morality did not exist. The only truth was strength, and the weak could only perish.

“Dragon! A dragon is flying here!”

“How can there be a dragon here!”

“Oh God, it has two heads!”

“That is not a wyvern, but a real dragon!”

“Hurry up and stop talking nonsense. Everyone get ready. Do not let it descend!”

“Army! There’s an army in the distance behind the dragon!

The man on the lookout hissed and yelled.


Louie slightly surveyed the village. It was a large settlement and could house around a thousand people. The houses were built with wood and stone, and some cultivated crops could be found at the back.

After seeing Louie, the people in the village panicked. Louie could clearly see them holding bows and arrows as well as wooden spears as they got into position while staring nervously at the sky.

‘So it’s a village of fetchlings. They all use wooden weapons, so that means there are no mineral deposits nearby.’

The creatures in the village resembled humans to an extent. Their limbs had an almost boneless quality, their skin was a mottled gray, and their hair pure black. Their pale yellow eyes had no pupils.

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Based on Louie’s knowledge, he knew that they were fetchlings. Over history, there had been humans who entered the Shadow Realm and could not find their way back. Over time, the descendants of these humans were affected by the Shadow Realm and gradually adapted to it. They could be considered as close relatives of humans with the same habits.

With Louie flying overhead, the fetchlings did not hesitate to attack without fear.

“They really are used to battles. They did not cower at all at the face of a dragon and even initiated the attack.”

If Louie was willing, he could just annihilate the entire village. But as a lord, if he accomplished things by himself, then what was the use of forming an army?

The arrows flew towards him, bearing colored tips. They were likely poisoned.

[Reverse Gravity]!

Although Louie did not think that the projectiles could pierce his scales, he did not want to be sullied by them. Hence he immediately utilized a racial spell.

In an instant, a field surrounding Louie appeared where gravity was reversed. Those arrows that had little force after flying so high remained floating once they entered the field.

With a flap of his wings, Louie blew the arrows back to the ground. Some of the fetchlings had bad luck and got hit by the falling arrows. They let out agonized cries and died.

“Foolish fetchlings, how dare you turn your swords against a dragon!”

Louie raised his heads up. A clump of power flowed up from his abdomen. His two heads spewed out golden flames at the same moment. One of the golden flames carried an emerald glow, while the other carried an azure sparkle.


“Water, water! I need water!”


The dragon's breath swept down and through everything. A few unlucky fetchlings were set on fire and ran in all directions, but soon burned to nothing but ashes. The true target of the dragon’s breath, the thick village gate, was also burned up.


Louie once again cast a spell. White mist suddenly appeared all around the village, obscuring the villagers’ vision and preventing them from seeing farther than five meters.

In an instant, the fetchling village sunk into the mist.

At this time, Sisna, an experienced commander, did not hesitate to order, “All troops attack! Elves, rain down a volley of arrows. After the third volley, pull out your blades and attack!”

The army that was approaching the main gate immediately changed formation. The humans with round shields on one hand began to charge along with the beastmen who let out howls.

At the same moment, the elves fired volleys of arrows into the mist. They did not care how many enemies they killed and immediately put away their bows and pulled out their blades after. They followed behind the humans and beastmen in their charge.

Louie waved his claws and smashed an observation tower, shredding the person in it to pieces. Blood and intestines floated in the air inside the field of reverse gravity. As the army approached closer to the village, Louie disabled [Mist] and coldly watched his army fight against the fetchlings.

A true warrior grew with blood and fire. Soldiers who had not yet experienced war and death could not even be called warriors!

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