Chapter 101 - So, I am the Five-colored Guardian Dragon!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 101 - So, I am the Five-colored Guardian Dragon!

Louie stood perplexed by the wonderful world of light before his eyes. Five colors of bountiful radiance seemed to permeate the surroundings, suffusing him with feelings of infinite power and knowledge.

Each of the colors represented a fundamental rule of the world of San Soliel, and they crisscrossed and overlapped to construct the world. Seeing them, Louie came to a sudden realization.

“These are all divine authorities!”

Louie stared at the lights like a greedy beast. He wanted to swallow them and instantly become a supreme god.

But soon, he sobered up. He averted his eyes to regain control of his reason and stop himself from doing something irrevocable.

“This is the world of godhood. These colored lights are divine authorities. The godhood is just a carrier that can be loaded with divine authorities. In this way, one can master the power of a domain. If it’s like that, I can understand it.”

If a god that mastered the divine authority of ‘war’ fell in battle, then anybody else could obtain this divine authority. The godhood was only a vessel that could store any divine authority. As long as the divine authority had not been taken by other Gods, then it was free game.

Even if mortals possessed both godhood and divine authority, they could not immediately become Gods. In order to truly ascend, they would have to thoroughly understand the divine authority, otherwise, they would only be like Louie who could barely use the powers at their disposal. Without that understanding, they could not truly call themselves divine.

“In that case, does the distance of those divine authorities imply that they already have owners?”

Louie could see all the divine authorities in San Soliel. There were some of them that felt far away from him as if they could never be touched. These divine authorities were perhaps in the hands of the surviving Gods. There were also those that were very close by. These seemed to have no owner.

“But some of these lights have the same color as those in the distance. Could it mean that some of the Gods haven’t fully mastered their divine authority? Could it mean that the divine authority is divided between people? For example, someone who has 10% of it could not be called the God of War while the one who has 90% of it is the real God of War. That still means that the one who mastered 90% is much more powerful.”

“Then the one who has 90% will probably try to kill the other God of War to become perfect. This might be the source of conflict between the Gods.”

Louie thought about it.

He observed this miraculous world carefully and finally understood what Gods were.

Godhood could be likened to computers for the Gods. Their ultimate level was dependent on their hardware, and this could be upgraded by acquiring a greater understanding of their domains. The greater the understanding, the more information they could store and the greater the ease they could operate with. The Gods could then use their ‘software’, their divine authority, to release their abilities.

In all of this, divine power was the energy used. It was obtained from faith. Naturally, the more powerful a computer was, the higher its power consumption.

The reason why Louie could not convert faith into divine power easily was that the ‘powerline’ he had access to could only convey a low current. Without an upgrade, the computer would be difficult to use properly, if not impossible.

This time, because Louie had changed the living conditions of the civilians in Dragon City, they were able to provide him some faith even if they did not chant his name. These beliefs turned into a temporary thin power line that allowed him to barely turn on the computer and see its true contents.

But now, Louie was equivalent to a three-year-old child that did not know how to use a computer. The device, after all, was not foolproof. And its software required a lot of study to understand. At the moment, all Louie could do was boot it.

He didn’t know how to build up the power line, so he could not increase his power. The only thing he was doing was inject divine power to operate the godhood. He was taking some of the energy he had saved away for dangerous situations and using it to power the computer.

“It’s just as I expected. How could mortals possibly manipulate godhood? They could only painstakingly craft the hardware that would become their godhood step by step over hundreds of years.”

“That is to say, if I want to become a real God, what I need to do now is to try to improve my own knowledge. I must ‘grow into adulthood’ before I can use it properly.”

“So, what I need is another thing, and that is… divinity!!”

Louie laughed to himself.

People who took the proper path to become a God had gained divinities first, turning their physical selves into divine creatures. From then on, they would build their ‘computers’ and then install ‘softwares’ that they could use. At that point, they would become proper Gods.

Louie, on the other hand, was given a computer that someone else had built, but he could not use it, so he was still a mortal on the outside but a God on the inside.

“Although this body of mine has been genetically modified to perfection by the Terran Civilization, it’s still mortal and not immortal. Perhaps because the Terran Civilization couldn’t fully understand the concept of godhood. In that case, could the major adjustment to this body actually be its fertility?” Louie muttered to himself.

“That is to say, I must now look for divine creatures, kill them, and steal their divinity to become a divine creature. That way, I could also become a God and possess the qualifications to use this computer. Moreover, the performance of this computer is considered to be the strongest in the world, I don’t even have to replace and update the hardware to directly use it.”

Louie became more excited the more he thought of it.

“Very good. Now that I know how to become a God, the difficulty has reduced significantly. Now, let’s study the divine authorities first. I didn’t know what the original divine authorities the Five-colored Dragon God had, so when I had realized the power of dreams, I accidentally deleted these authorities.”

“But it’s impossible for there to be no divine authority in this godhood. This godhood’s level is high enough to hold almost every divine authority, and the one that I had initially relied on was…”

Louie paused and then gazed deep into the depths of the godhood. There was a tree that split into five branches, each of which should represent the different divine authorities inside the godhood.

The tree was pale and lightless. Only one branch was shining with emerald light. It was the ability that Louie had used when he first arrived on this world and turned into a demigod dragon.

His expression became complex. In this mysterious world, he was able to clearly feel the divine authorities he had inadvertently chosen at that time.

“When I knew I was a dragon, I always imagined myself as the guardian dragon from World of Warcraft. I never imagined that the godhood would give me the divine authority of the five dragon aspects… Galakrond is also the name of the ‘progenitor of dragonkind’. Could this be fate?”

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Louie muttered.

There was no mistake. Louie’s divine authorities had been set at that time and they were: dream, life, magic, earth, and time!

Gods were indeed unimaginable existences to mortals.

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In case you got lost with Louie's name origin, it belongs to the five dragon aspects of WOW. The last name is the Father of Dragons. In case you want to know, here are the five dragon aspects which symbolize his divine authorities:

Alexstrasza - the Life-Binder 
Nozdormu - the Timeless One
Ysera - the Dreamer
Malygos - the Spell-Weaver 
Neltharion - the Earth Warder
Galakrond - the Father of Dragons