Chapter 100: Probing the Godhood
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 100: Probing the Godhood

For Louie, the world of San Soliel was chock-full of mysteries. Things were so radically different from Earth that he felt the need to fully codify his understanding. This would in turn allow him to interact with its elements more smoothly.

If this training method was correct and in line with the rules of the world, then soldiers from Earth should be able to quickly train until the third rank. A legion full of third rank warriors is practically elite here. Likely only a few countries can match it.

‘These soldiers need to be full-time. I can’t let them waste all their training so far on the farm.’

As Louie pondered, he scratched his cheek with a claw.

‘We’ll need a large number of resources to raise a standing army. From my understanding, very few powers can afford to do that. Nonetheless, it shouldn’t be a huge issue for me. We have food for days. We can easily prioritize the quality of soldiers over their quantity.’

‘With Dragon City’s geographical location, as long as there are ten thousand elite soldiers and enough supplies, then there is no need to be afraid in the face of a hundred thousand strong siege. Moreover, the enemy can only attack from one direction.’

‘When the soldiers train to the limit, maybe I can find some excuse to invade other races or countries. I don’t need to occupy the land. I just need to keep their skills polished enough so that they remain a potent force.’

‘If there was a legion of ten thousand middle-ranking professionals, it would be a nightmare for any country to face. As for a legion of high-ranking professionals… Well, we’re still far away from that now. The difficulty of becoming one is too high… Going from the sixth rank to the seventh is far more than I can request of most people.’

According to Louie, the only powers that could have a legion of middle-ranking professionals were the Theocracy and the human empire. As for the other kingdoms, they could barely make one if they pooled their forces.

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As for the beastmen and other races, there was no need to think about it. Their battle styles were too different from humans.

‘I should also take advantage of the perks of having to be a multi-racial city. I will place them in positions where they can display their full abilities. The elves can be archers and the humans and beastmen can take to the plains.’

Louie pondered for a long time and finally constructed a proper plan for the future.

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