Chapter 99 - An Improved Version of Modern Military Training
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 99 - An Improved Version of Modern Military Training

The elves moved the records away while Lysfer remained kneeling, waiting for her master to speak.

Louie lay on his mountain of gold with half-squinted eyes. He seemed to waver between slumber and wakefulness. Curious, Lysfer raised her head to look at him, but soon lowered it back to the ground.

She did not bother asking if Louie was asleep, and quietly waited.

The common thought was that beastmen were always grumpy, but Lysfer could be extremely patient when necessary. This was because as a high-ranked warrior she needed to keep a cool head on the battlefield.

After a long time, Louie opened his eyes to look at her and slowly spoke, “I taught you something, remember?”

“Milord, I have remembered it by heart and will train the soldiers according to your request.”

Lysfer replied respectfully. She was quite curious but did not bother to pry into his thoughts. It would only work against her and her people.

Nonetheless, the lord’s training methods were quite unorthodox, even to her.

Lysfer had pondered over this for a long time. At first, she had thought it was the human way of training, but upon further reflection, she realized that that was impossible. From her knowledge, she knew that humans would never train their soldiers this way.

For example, Lysfer could not see any purpose in having the soldiers march in synchrony. It was similar to how elves went about their wars. Louie had also made the soldiers do standing military postures and other strange motions that seemed unnecessary to her. After all, battles and wars were things where people competed in power.

The beastmen rarely did military drills. They preferred to face danger with their own strength to solve their problems. This would allow them to gradually become stronger. If there was really a war, the great chieftain would unite the clans and act as their brains. The fragile bodies of humans would not be able to stop their assault at all.

Although Lysfer didn't feel that this was in line with beastmen’s training methods, she did not dare question it. Her mast

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