Chapter 99 - An Improved Version of Modern Military Training
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 99 - An Improved Version of Modern Military Training

The elves moved the records away while Lysfer remained kneeling, waiting for her master to speak.

Louie lay on his mountain of gold with half-squinted eyes. He seemed to waver between slumber and wakefulness. Curious, Lysfer raised her head to look at him, but soon lowered it back to the ground.

She did not bother asking if Louie was asleep, and quietly waited.

The common thought was that beastmen were always grumpy, but Lysfer could be extremely patient when necessary. This was because as a high-ranked warrior she needed to keep a cool head on the battlefield.

After a long time, Louie opened his eyes to look at her and slowly spoke, “I taught you something, remember?”

“Milord, I have remembered it by heart and will train the soldiers according to your request.”

Lysfer replied respectfully. She was quite curious but did not bother to pry into his thoughts. It would only work against her and her people.

Nonetheless, the lord’s training methods were quite unorthodox, even to her.

Lysfer had pondered over this for a long time. At first, she had thought it was the human way of training, but upon further reflection, she realized that that was impossible. From her knowledge, she knew that humans would never train their soldiers this way.

For example, Lysfer could not see any purpose in having the soldiers march in synchrony. It was similar to how elves went about their wars. Louie had also made the soldiers do standing military postures and other strange motions that seemed unnecessary to her. After all, battles and wars were things where people competed in power.

The beastmen rarely did military drills. They preferred to face danger with their own strength to solve their problems. This would allow them to gradually become stronger. If there was really a war, the great chieftain would unite the clans and act as their brains. The fragile bodies of humans would not be able to stop their assault at all.

Although Lysfer didn't feel that this was in line with beastmen’s training methods, she did not dare question it. Her master’s orders simply could not be questioned.

Louie detected her befuddlement and had already guessed her thoughts.

The training methods he had taught Lysfer were actually derived from modern military theory. Of course, he had tweaked them to better suit San Soliel. He wasn’t one to think that everything modern held an edge over ancient ways of doing things.

For example, modern military training might have had a scientific basis, but it was connected to modern warfare.

In modern warfare, hot weapons were the norm, and close combat opportunities were rare. As long as a soldier could pull the trigger, their enemy would be crushed. As a result, modern military training was focused more on endurance.

On the other hand, cold weapon warfare was different. What was most required for soldiers was not endurance but strength. As a result, ancient military training was focused more on strength.

It would be stupid for transmigrators and time travelers to teach modern military training to people in backward civilizations. Teaching soldiers to only run faster and farther would result in a gap in power once they come into close combat. These soldiers would not be able to beat soldiers who trained their muscles and knives day in and day out.

However, Louie had found some strange things from these training methods.

This started with the profession system of this world.

Mages and other spellcasting professions were required to accumulate magic power to rank up. While those in melee professions would rank up based on their combat experience.

Louie had even specifically asked if there was some kind of legendary book to sense Qi and ascend faster.

But no such thing existed.

All mages knew meditation would allow them to train their spirits. Body strengthening techniques were fairly well-known as well. And anyone could learn them regardless of class.

In the warrior profession, as long as people strictly trained and exercised, they would naturally be able to become first rank warriors. If they continued their exercise and deepened their skills, it was natural for them to reach the second or third rank.

Those so-called secret books from some military force were just teachings passed down from their ancestors that summed up their training methods. In this world of poor information flow and backward civilization, the commoners only knew a few words, so the summarized methods would naturally be treated as secret books.

Those at the lower stages could advance with just pure training, but if a third rank warrior wanted to reach the fourth rank, pure training would not be enough. They would have to fight and kill. By standing at the edge of life and death, they would get stronger and be able to rank up.

Moreover, it was possible to sense what rank a person was. Louie felt that this characteristic was the same as MMOs, but because this was reality, there was no chance to start over once you died.

The reason why there were many powerful warriors among the beastmen was determined by their culture. The beastmen were faced with powerful animals and monsters from birth. With high mortality rates, the chances of powerful warriors being born rose.

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This was one of the wonderful characteristics of this world. Louie thought that this could be attributed to the world’s mysterious energy which the Intelligent Brain had once mentioned.

Under this rule, powerful professions were able to exist, and as people evolved, the ranking system was born.

When a person reached the ninth rank, it was possible for them to ascend to the legendary rank once they had enough fame. It was a huge qualitative change and would push them closer to immortals.

Obtaining a profession was also easy. Other than professions that required spellcasting, daily exercise and training would allow most to do so. Nevertheless, that was contingent on them possessing enough resources. And unfortunately, that was where most people fell short. And if a professional was to stop training for an extended period of time, their accumulated power and skills would begin to atrophy.

As a result, anyone who wanted to walk on the road of professions would not farm while they trained. Their only means of earning a living would be to fight against all kinds of beasts and monsters. They needed to obtain enough resources to feed themselves and not starve to death.

This was the reason why there were many adventurers in this world. If they didn’t roam and fight, they wouldn’t be able to feed themselves. They could only go home to do farmwork and slowly lose their power. On the downside, adventurers had high mortality rates.

He had also noticed a blind spot in their training. Because they fought with cold weapons, they only trained in strength while caring little for endurance.

In Louie’s opinion, these powerful professions were not only strong, their endurance and agility also exceeded the normal person. Thus he became suspicious, if the training was much more balanced and more comprehensive, then the people might be able to advance faster. It might not allow a person to jump from the third rank to the fourth rank easily, but it should allow them to rank up fast from the first three ranks.

Louie, therefore, combined modern military training with this world’s military training methods to create a more comprehensive training method. He was trying to experiment if this idea was correct or not.

If his idea was correct, his training method would be priceless, equivalent to one of the world’s military secret books!

As a college student taught by modern civilization, Louie had to use those logical and organized ways of thinking taught by his teachers.

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