Chapter 98 - Political Investigation, Future Warriors!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 98 - Political Investigation, Future Warriors!


In the barrack square, thousands of people gasped for breath on the ground as sweat ran from their bodies.

“I-it’s finally over…”

Wyatt wanted to lie down on the ground. His lungs felt like they were burning, and his throat was so dry that it hurt. It was a pain that he had never felt before.

“Tha-thank you…”

An elf placed a water pouch in front of him. When Wyatt peeked at the elf, he quickly looked down, because this elf was simply too beautiful. He did not dare look directly and continued giving his thanks.

The main reason for this was because the elf was male...

“Drink slowly. Drinking too fast in your current state will cause problems to your body.”

The elf’s voice was a bit cold, but ever since the elves came to live in Dragon City, their human neighbors had come in contact with them a lot. They were already familiar with their proud and aloof dispositions.

Wyatt opened the water pouch as he listened to the elf’s words. He once again raised his head to look at the beautiful male elf and quickly lowered his head again as he blushed.

The four thousand people had just had the worst time of their lives. Under the leadership of the beastman, they had first run a marathon. Those that could not make it to the end were disqualified. The remaining ones were then asked to lift weights.

They said that this was the method requested by the great lord. They needed to run to test their endurance, and lift weights to test their strength. Wyatt didn’t know what endurance was, but he knew what strength was for. At the point where they could not endure anymore, these people finally passed.

“Stand up. Everyone stand up!!” That demon-like bearman once again came over and shouted.

The bearman had run with them, but he had no problem at all other than his slightly deepened breathing. He even lifted a hundred-ton boulder a few hundred times, causing the people to greatly admire him.

After some groans and huffs, the qualified people got off the ground.

“Congratulations, you are all qualified. From today on, you have a new identity; you are warriors of Dragon City! And in the future, you can call yourselves as such! Of course, that’s after you’ve been trained and baptized with blood!”

The bearman gave a sardonic laugh and pointed at the distance, “Now, line yourselves up and have your information recorded!”

The qualified soldiers stumbled to walk to the registration site. They finally understood why humans and beastmen were often hostile. These crude guys simply didn’t know the meaning of restraint and nearly drilled them to death on the first day.

The people at the registration site were the literati of Dragon City. Some worked as staff for the adventurer’s guild in the past. Others were accountants of noble lords, etc. Among the commoners, they formed the upper crust of the new society.


A man with a mustache stroked the paper on his desk with a loving hand.

The paper was glossy, smooth, and white. There were no hairs at all, making it look pure like the skin of ladies from noble houses.

These were the materials that Louie had given them to record. They were materials that they had never seen before in their life.


Hearing his answer, the scribe carefully used the pen in his hand to write on this white paper. He did not dare use too much force for fear of tarnishing this incredible set of recording tools. That's right, he also held a slender pen in his hand made of material unknown to him. It left traces of ink on the pure white material in a single stroke.

‘This is simply the creation of the Gods. A magical item that only the lord can possess!’

The scribe exclaimed. He wrote with great care for fear of penning the wrong word and insulting this magical set of recording tools!

Naturally, the materials were part of Louie’s loot from the Neversnar.


“Uh… male…”

Wyatt said with a red face, feeling a bit strange at the question.

The scribe looked up and smiled at him, “I don’t know why I have to record this, but it was decided by the lord!”

Hearing the scribe’s words, Wyatt immediately straightened his chest and raised his head. He believed the data collection process had a deep and profound meaning that only the lord understood, so he had no further issues with it!



“Are you married?”


“Who are the members of your family?”

“A sick, bedridden mother and a twelve-year-old brother.”

“When did your ancestors come to live in Dragon City?”

“Ro-roughly around two hundred years ago… I-I can’t remember, sir!”

“Do you have relatives in other countries?”

“No, there are no other relatives in our family.”


After asking a bunch of questions, the scribe carefully placed the paper aside and smiled, “Congratulations, you passed the background examination!”

“Background examination?”

“It’s a term invented by the lord. It probably means that you have a good family situation and are not a scout of the enemy.”

“Scout? No, no, no. I’m wholeheartedly loyal to the lord. There is no way I am an enemy scout!”

Wyatt said in a panic.

“At ease. I did not say that you were a scout… Well, don’t just stand there! We are still busy with work. Next!”


Dozens of people worked together to record information. After an hour or so, they were finally finished.

These qualified soldiers were again called to stand in line, and then a young priest walked up a high platform and shouted, “My name is Clooney. From today onwards, you will see me every day!”

“Right now, I just want to tell you, soldiers, the one thing that you must follow, and that is loyalty!!! You have to be loyal to your loved ones, loyal to the city you are stepping on, and loyal to the great lord! It is the lord who gives you food! It is the lord who gives you hope to live! It is the lord who provides you with a comfortable living environment!”

“You are warriors of the lord. You must swear on your souls to build an unbreakable wall with your flesh and body for the lord, for your loved ones, and for the people of the city!!!”

“Now, tell me who you pledge your allegiance to!!!”

“The great lord!”

“The great lord!”

“The great lord!”


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At first, their voices were a bit chaotic. Gradually, their shouts became orderly. The shouts of thousands of people trembled in the air, making Clooney reveal a joyful smile.

From now on, he would use the various methods taught by the lord and the church to instill loyalty in these warriors, so that they would become the lords’ most faithful followers!

At this time, Lysfer walked up. Clooney hastily bowed and got down. The bloodthirsty gaze of the wolf girl swept the crowd. The two thousand people immediately felt chills down their backs. They remained silent as cold sweat drenched their bodies.

“I am Lysfer Blood Blade… From today on, I will be your chief instructor. Prepare to become qualified warriors… And believe me, you will never forget my teachings for your entire life!”

Lysfer let out a cruel smile. She suddenly pulled out her sword and casually waved to the side. A piece of rock was instantly divided into two halves.

Everyone gulped as they saw this.


“Milord, a total of one thousand eight hundred fifty-four people have passed the test and officially become soldiers of Dragon City. They are now your future warriors. These are their personal records.

In the dragon’s lair, Lysfer was completely devoid of her previous wild aura. She knelt with one knee and passed on a stack of papers.

“I watched everything with my eyes…”

Louie was lying down on his gold mountain. He slowly opened his mouth, “Archive these records. They will be the first files of the Dragon City army!”

“Yes, milord!”

Two elven maids quickly moved the papers behind Lysfer.

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