Chapter 102 - Lighting Up the Divine Authority of Magic
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 102 - Lighting Up the Divine Authority of Magic

“Is this the true nature of Gods, or rather, the faith-based Gods? They are born from the fantasies and dreams of mortals? But according to some sources, there are Gods that aren’t faith-based. Those ‘connate’ Gods eventually came to rely on faith for some reason. For instance, the Silver Moon Goddess, Selune...”

Louie recalled everything he had learned over the last few months.

Over this period he had slyly pried information out of Marches and Sisna. As he needed to give an illusion of power and knowledge, he had no choice but to inform himself on these matters. At the very least, he had to know more than the average person.

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Under this kind of situation, Louie had maintained his dignity and majesty as a demigod dragon. This was a mentally taxing task.

“Sigh, I’ve been pretending to the point that I can’t handle it anymore…”

He muttered.

“It’s not yet time for me to think about this kind of divine mystery. Once I become a God, I can take my time. For now, my goal should be increasing my power.”

As he thought about this, Louie’s gaze landed on the tree’s branches.

The tree grew out into five branches. One branch shone with a faint emerald glow while the others were unlit. Eventually, all branches converged into a single point at the top.

“Why five branches? They seem to signify authorities… Could it be that I was subconsciously prodded to select five? No, that shouldn’t be the case. If so, then had I thought about every single authority at that time, wouldn’t I have been able to grasp all the powers of the Gods? That’s too good to be true.”

“Well, no doubt that that would also result in me being attacked from all sides by them. I’d become public enemy number one.”

In situations where multiple Gods shared the same divine authority, each would think of ways to plunder that of the remaining God and attain perfection. If he really stole a piece from every God, he would undoubtedly be mobbed by them sooner or later.

Even the Terran Civilization had failed their invasion, let alone a single Louie challenging them.

“My godhood comes from the Five-colored Dragon God. I don’t really know much about the Dragon God. Perhaps its name means that it has five divine authorities? This might be the reason why I have inherited five of them and they were replaced by my imagination.”

Louie pondered more and felt that this explanation was reasonable, “But as the Dragon God, shouldn’t the most important divine authority be ‘dragon’?”

As Louie thought deeper and deeper, he raised his head to look at the apex of the branches, “Could it be that the location of the divine authority of ‘dragon’ be at the peak? Isn’t this just like online games? I have to light up all the other divine authorities - dream, magic, earth, life, and time - before I can obtain the ‘dragon’ authority.”

“Do I just light up all divine authorities, or do I need to study all of them in-depth before getting closer to the top?”

Louie felt that his knowledge was not enough. Because there was too little information, he could only speculate.

“Sigh, forget it. It’s better to think of which divine authority I should light up now to gain the most benefits.”

Louie gazed at the divine authorities and calculated.

Because of the faith of the people of Dragon City, he was able to temporarily turn on the godhood and gain a chance to pick a divine authority.

But, because there was too little faith, he could only light one up.

If he wanted to understand the divine authority further, he would need to become a divine creature. Louie was not yet at that level, thus everything that he could do was only temporary.

But, Louie was already satisfied with this result. This was equivalent to playing an online game with a hundred levels. Whereas other people would need to reach level 10 to light up a divine authority, Louie could jump 10 levels and instantly gain one.

“When I first came to this world, I was bound by contract to win the war between elves and humans. At that time, I thought about five dragons. At the same time, because I helped the elves, I unconsciously lit up the divine authority of dreams, whose symbol is Ysera, the guardian of the Emerald Dreamland where the elves and druids sleep.”

“This may be my fate with the elves.”

Louie’s thoughts drifted off.

“The divine authority represents a God’s domain. This is something too lofty and unusable by mortals. Only divine power can activate it. The divine authority of dreams gave me the ability to turn fantasy into reality and reality into fantasy, but it’s too high-end for me to use.”

Louie frowned. This was because his level was not high enough. As someone who was only equivalent to level 10, he could not use powerful abilities from higher levels. He had to first become a demigod which would also consume divine power.

“I have to be careful in choosing and must select the one with the most benefits. First, I’ll pass on the divine authority of time. Although it’s powerful and high-grade, it would be difficult for me to use at the moment. In the domain of magic, spells that involve time are high-class beyond high-class meaning it has a huge consumption. If I were to light it up, it might become like Emerald Dreamland which I can not use.”

Although Louie could not choose the divine authority that he wanted, he wasn’t sad. When he becomes a God, he would be able to use it anyways.

“Secondly, I’ll also pass on the divine authority of life. There is little assistance that it can provide right now. But it would get stronger at the later stages.”

“I’ll also pass on the divine authority of earth. It is powerful and has a wide coverage, but this is not what I need now.”

“In the end, this was the most suited for the current situation. It has the same depth as mortal spells, and also the one that could provide me with the most means.”

Louie gazed at the last divine authority - magic.

He settled down and stopped hesitating. Under his control, he moved the power of faith like a key and struck the branch that symbolized magic.

With a boom, Louie felt an explosion in his mind. Monstrous and multi-colored images appeared in the depths of his soul. At the same moment, he felt himself rapidly master numerous skills and abilities!

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