Chapter 103 - Dragon’s Magic
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 103 - Dragon’s Magic

Louie felt his consciousness sink from grand heights down to almost nothing. From pure deific status to that of a mundane living creature.

He slowly opened his eyes and saw the familiar spacious hall. 

“It seems I’m back in the nest again,” he muttered. His tone was lamentable and carried traces of resignation.

Suddenly, he noticed that his vision seemed to be a bit off. Specifically, the range of his sight seemed to have greatly expanded. Prior to waking up, his area of vision was similar to a human's; about 100°. Now, however, he could perceive over 270° with great clarity, and could even faintly make out the space behind himself.

“What’s going on?”

Louie was amazed and thought that this was his spiritual growth after lighting up the divine authority of magic, but soon he found that it was his body that had changed.

As he became excited, he was suddenly able to see himself, and in his gaze, two dragon heads had appeared.

“What the fuck, I’ve become a two-headed dragon???”

Shocked, Louie cussed unconsciously and froze as he looked at his body.

The two heads moved left and right. They could even look behind each other. Louie wasn’t sure how this affected his soul, but he now had two dragon heads and two pairs of eyes!

He immediately began to look at his body.

Fortunately, he was still a golden dragon with beautiful scales that shone dazzled all who saw them. The only thing different was the appearance of a second head. One of the heads was wearing a crown, which should be Louie’s first head, but this time the golden scales on the neck were glowing in emerald. When it mixed with his dragon’s might, he found that it had become terrifyingly powerful.

The other head was exactly the same as the other head, just without the crown. And instead of an emerald glow on the neck, there was a light blue glow.

Prominent though the glow was, however, it could not overcome the golden luster of Louie’s scales. Rather, it seemed to complement his majesty.

Louie understood that this emerald color represented ‘dreams’ while the azure color represented ‘magic’.

“Luckily, my heads didn’t turn completely emerald and azure. If they had, my body would have three different colors. If that happened, what would people begin to call me? The colorful dragon?” he sneered internally.

“Well, at the very least, this isn’t like the novels where each head has a different will. These two heads are both me, and I can control them as dexterously as controlling my own hands and feet. There isn't any delay at all!”

“Having two heads is also beneficial. In physical combat, both heads could tear at the enemy and could even just spew dragon breaths. Although I look a bit evil with this, I’m still pretty majestic. In fact, it might be even more terrifying to most people. There shouldn’t be any downsides to this.”

Louie quickly accepted his current state, but he suddenly thought of something.

“Could the Five-colored Dragon God actually have five heads?!”

With this conjecture, Louie hurriedly asked the Intelligent Brain. Louie had completely forgotten about it since it did not provide him with any benefits.

Naturally, it might have had a high computing ability and a lot of information on the Terran Civilization, but it didn’t tell him anything for unknown reasons.

[It’s just as the host said. The Five-colored Dragon God captured by the Terran Civilization had five heads.]

The Intelligent Brain confirmed Louie’s guess. After lighting up the five divine authorities, he would be like the Dragon God and grow five heads.

“This… Why do I feel like this is like the apocalypse?”

Louie thought about a part of the bible where the enemy of God was a red dragon with seven heads but he was a golden dragon with five heads. That said, he was still an absolute monster in the eyes of the masses.

“Although I now have this strange appearance, I have also become stronger. This is not a loss.”

Louie comforted himself.

Then he checked what other benefits he obtained after lighting up the divine authority of magic. He quickly realized that his abilities had received an amazing update.

“These are… Draconic spells?!”

Spells and racial spells were not the same things. Spells were used by mages who learned how to communicate with magic using their spirits. Then they would use gestures, symbols, chants, and rituals to create mystical effects.

On the other hand, racial spells were closer to natural abilities. They didn’t need to be learned nor did they have any kind of preparation. They were extremely convenient abilities that could be used with just a thought.

Creatures like demons, angels, and dragons all had racial spells. The effects of these spells were the same as mages’ spells, just not that fancy.

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Each dragon would often master two to three racial spells in their lifetime. Dragons, by virtue of having powerful bodies, possessed strong resistances. Along with their racial spells, they were able to dominate the food chain.

Louie immediately learned what spells he had learned and froze.

「Darkness」「Epidemic Swarm」「Grow Plant」


「Charm Human」「Suggestion」「Detection」

「Flame」「Mist」「Create Wind」

「Ice Wall」「Animal Communication」「Wind Manipulation」

「Control Water」「Thought Detection」「Sharpening」

「Stone Wall」「Create Cement」「Create Stone」

「Feather Fall」「Detect Evil」「Reverse Gravity」

All in all, Louie had directly mastered 24 spells. Although this was far from the potential of a mage, who could theoretically gain proficiency in thousands of spells, it was a great start. And mages would rarely master that many anyways.

The most important thing here is that racial spells did not need incantations to cast. They were like superpowers. As long as Louie had enough energy, he could use them easily.

The spells at his disposal likely covered almost every racial spell that dragons possessed. Most dragons could only master two to three of them, with ancient dragons perhaps climbing to six, but Louie had jumped straight to 24.

These spells did not seem as strong as offensive type spells, but they were very useful, even on Earth.

Louie sucked a breath of cold air. Happiness came all too suddenly. He had somehow mastered 24 spells. Along with the railgun that was equivalent to a legendary spell, his combat power had risen sharply.

After being dumbfounded for a while, Louie quickly found the spellbook that Marches gave him and wanted to see what changes the divine authority of magic had brought him.

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