Chapter 104 - The Gaze of the Goddess of Magic
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 104 - The Gaze of the Goddess of Magic

Marches was a seven ring mage, and this title signified the highest tier of spell he had at his disposal. The world of San Soliel had thousands of spells, but many of these had been lost to the annals of time. Perhaps only the God of Magic could say they had mastered them all.

At the moment Louie was testing his competence in magic after lighting up its divine authority within himself.

Flipping through the pages, his eyes widened in shock as he looked at the words and symbols that had once stumped him completely.

‘I can understand everything!’

He flipped through the entire spellbook from beginning to end. After confirming that he understood all of its contents, he knew that he would no longer have any difficulty in learning spells.

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'It seemed the divine authority of magic was the right branch to light up, after all.'

Prior to obtaining their divine authority, Gods were not necessarily mages, and thus did not necessarily know spells. This was why even when he had lit up the divine authority of dreams before, he couldn’t read the spellbooks. Now that he had done the same for magic, however, there would no longer be any obstacles to his understanding of its principles.

“All the same, I can’t use all of them”

Louie’s brow furrowed. He was still just a juvenile dragon. His spirit and body had not yet matured. Thus, even if he understood the mysteries of magic, his body’s limits prevented him from casting most of the spells.

“There is no problem for one to three rings. I can cast them whenever. From the fourth ring, I am beginning to understand them, but they will be difficult to cast until I evolve once more. If my expectations are not wrong, as long as I evolve again, I should be able to master four to six ring spells. After evolving another time after that, I can completely grasp all one to nine ring spells. As for legendary spells, they just require divine power, which means that I can use them any time.”

“Fortunately, I have a clue as to where I can find the next energy source. Good thing I left that scale for the US to find. The secret base there should hold the next chunk of energy.” He smiled to himself, smug at his own foresight and precaution.

“Previously, I hesitated on how to enter the base. With my previous strength, I would need to turn into a demigod dragon to be able to attack that place. If that happened, the military base would definitely retaliate with weapons. But it's okay now. Now that my spell repertoire has improved drastically, my odds have greatly improved.

Louie was calm and relieved now that several of his concerns were addressed.

In fact, for non-human species like dragons, racial spells were much more useful than normal spells. Normal spells, after all, took a significant amount of time and preparation to cast. Ultimately they were less useful than a swipe from a dragon’s claws.

But once Louie obtained a human form, these spells would be useful and would become his greatest weapon. With a human form, it would be much easier for him to roam Earth and fool the world’s governments.

But soon a wave of fatigue swept over him.

“It seems all that learning and analysis has finally taken its toll on me.”

“He yawned as his eyelids drooped down, telling him that he needed to sleep.

Suddenly, Louie felt a vibration from his soul, as if some great presence had glanced at him. Although it went as quickly as it came, he could still feel it lingering upon him.

He quickly raised his head and watched his surroundings with his two heads in vigilance. He waited for a long time, but nothing happened.

‘That feeling... could it have been the God of Magic?’

Louie’s heart jumped and he immediately understood.

The God of Magic Mismisella was confirmed to still be alive. Louie had previously lit up the divine authority of magic, so as the owner of the majority of the divine authority, it would make sense that the real God of Magic would notice him.

‘But the fact that I was able to light the divine authority up means that the God of Magic hasn’t completely mastered it yet. A portion of it is still distributed.'

‘Fortunately, the Gods are unable to descend at the moment for some reason. Even their existences are in a state of being half-asleep. Good on those Terrans for doing such a thorough job,’ Louie thought.

He calmed down. Since they wouldn’t be able to deal with him for now, there was little for him to worry about. That said, it was unfortunate that he made enemies out of one of the strongest Gods.

No matter. He would just deal with it in the future. The most important thing right now was for him to get stronger, and lighting up the divine authority of magic was the quickest way.

‘It’s said that the God of Magic is a woman, so calling her the Goddess of Magic is more accurate. When I become a God and fight with her, I will definitely defeat her and have her bear my children!’

Louie was quite vicious. The Five-colored Dragon God was one of the original Gods, the creator of the dragon race. Its position was higher than the Goddess of Magic. As the one who inherited the godhood of the Dragon God, Louie might not compare to the original once he ascended, but he would not need to be afraid of the Goddess of Magic.

Louie’s eyelids became heavier and heavier. He used the contract to quickly call Marches over.

It didn’t take long for the sound of running to reach the empty hall. Louie’s humble servant, Archmage Marches, had arrived.

When Marches entered the great hall, he saw that the great dragon lying on the gold mountain had changed drastically and grown another head. When he noticed the two different colors that shone with divine might on both necks, his expression immediately changed.

Legend had it that the ancestors of all dragons, the Five-colored Dragon God, fell during the Era of Disaster. It wass said that the Dragon God had five heads that represented all the dragons and their supreme power...

And now, his master had grown a second head and was a demigod. With just this information, Marches could guess that Lord Galakrond might want to become the new Five-colored Dragon God and replace the God of dragons.

Thinking of this, Marches deeply bowed his head and did not dare stare any longer.

‘Do not look directly at the face of God.’ This was the common sense of the world.

“Soon, I will be sleep for about a month. Marches, I will leave the internal affairs of Dragon City to you. If there are any problems, discuss them with Sisna and Lysfer.”

Louie held back his sleepiness and muttered.

“As you command, milord!”

Marches answered in a respectful voice. He was not surprised that Louie wanted to sleep at all. Slumbering for the majority of their lives was a very draconic trait.

‘Intelligent Brain, start a countdown. If I have not woken up in thirty days, you have to wake me up.’

Louie was afraid that he might just sleep for a few years since he was a dragon. This was something that he would not allow.

[Understood, host.]

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