Chapter 23.1: So You Are Saying… This Thing Can Be Eaten?
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The Hero Turned Into A Potato And The World Fell To Ruin Chapter 23.1: So You Are Saying… This Thing Can Be Eaten?

This was probably the most comfortable blood moon night Yaine and her companions had experienced since entering this desert.

Despite the ferocity of the skeletal beasts outside, they clearly lacked a brain and didn't care for a mound that suddenly appeared in the desert.

Liu Ji sat with his legs crossed in the center of earthen space, still maintaining his bare-chested state. If not for his thick long hair, he would look almost like a revered Buddha figure placed on an altar.

To the side, Osar and Mervant rested against the earthen wall. Opportunities for a good sleep were rare in the desert. While it wasn't absolutely safe right now, they weren't willing to pass up this rare chance to rest.

Yaine was on watch duty. It wasn't that she didn't want to sleep, but unlike the other two, she had an option for catching up on sleep—in the bamboo basket on Osar's back during the day. For Osar, carrying an extra 40 or so kilograms barely counted as extra weight.

As for Liu Ji, having been a potato for so long, he probably no longer had a concept of a biological clock. He could rest at any time and be awake at any time; sometimes he'd be in a half-asleep state while trudging along.

In any case, he wasn't sleepy right now and didn't want to leave Yaine to keep watch alone, so he simply decided not to sleep.

Noticing Liu Ji staring at her, Yaine reached into her magic space to rummage around, then pulled out her notebook.

Since they were idle, instead of sitting around doing nothing, it might be better to study properly.

At that moment, Liu Ji thought Yaine resembled a high school English teacher who took students on a spring field trip, yet not forgetting to make the whole bus recite vocabulary together during the journey.



After the first rays of dawn rose, Yaine lowered the surrounding earthen walls. By then, calm had returned to the barren desert, with only sand as far as the eye could see. It was as if the monsters that swarmed the dunes the night before had never existed.

Yaine, who had taught Liu Ji

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