Chapter 23.2: So You Are Saying… This Thing Can Be Eaten?
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The Hero Turned Into A Potato And The World Fell To Ruin Chapter 23.2: So You Are Saying… This Thing Can Be Eaten?

Incantations were fascinating. As mentioned, by continuously reciting the same word and constantly refining the subsequent idea, one could deepen their understanding of an incantation.

Initially, this process was quick; mastering the pronunciation allowed one to grasp the basic meaning.

However, to understand the deeper layers, relying solely on recitation slowed down the rate of information acquisition.

Liu Ji vaguely felt that there must be more efficient ways to learn. Unfortunately, he didn't know them yet, and Yaine probably wouldn't teach him these methods until he had a clear grasp of basic vocabulary.

So, if he wanted to delve deeper now, he could only use the most basic method, which was to keep repeating a word.

To explore whether water elements were edible, Liu Ji had been mentally repeating the incantation word "water element" all day, averaging 30 times a minute. At present, the sun was already setting, and Liu Ji didn't know how many times he had repeated it in total.

In any case, he would just keep reciting. At least now, he had gained a rough understanding about the basic properties of the water element.

The so-called magical elements were indeed not the same as physical substances. These magical elements seemed more like spirits that could manipulate certain substances.

They were formless and omnipresent, and the essence of incantations was actually the language used to communicate with them.

And they were the basis on which magic could be successfully cast. Magic energy was like a form of compensation required to engage them.

Of course, this was the most superficial means of understanding; deeper logic was much more complex. And of course, for Liu Ji, this simple understanding was more than sufficient.

At least he now understood many things.

For instance, why utilizing water magic in the desert was so difficult despite the presence of significant moisture in the air?

This was because elemental spirits always chose environments that were more suitable for their existence. In areas like deserts, wa

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