Chapter 16.2: Why Do I, As A Potato, Still Have To Study?
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The Hero Turned Into A Potato And The World Fell To Ruin Chapter 16.2: Why Do I, As A Potato, Still Have To Study?

"Ugh, ptooey…" Girunini spat out the seaberry she had just put in her mouth and grimaced. "It's so sour and bitter…"

Despite saying that, she stuffed the spat-on seaberry on her hand back into her mouth. This was the Desert of Burials, where even the nastiest of food was a precious survival resource, too valuable to waste.

Calidora watched her do this, truly feeling pity.

She took out her water skin from inside her robes and checked it thoroughly, just as she had checked countless times before; it was already empty.

"Girunini, give me your water skin." Calidora reached out her hand.

"Oh." Girunini pulled out a similar water skin from her own robes and handed it over.

Calidora opened up both water skins, picked up her staff, and started chanting an incantation.

Gradually, during the incantation, a small droplet of water materialized out of thin air, growing and expanding until it was a sphere of transparent water the size of a basketball.

This was a spell to condense the water element, and it was practically the only source of drinking water for the two in the desert.

However, the desert was so dry that vapor was scarce to the extreme. It was often only near trees that Calidora could condense such a sphere of clean water.

With a gentle wave of her staff, she carefully funneled the water into the two water skins.

"Here, drink while you are eating." Calidora handed one of the water skins to Girunini. "Let's rest a bit longer; we should be able to refill the water once more."

"Really? That's wonderful." A slight smile finally appeared on Girunni's face. Being able to drink an entire bag of water in this sort of place was truly a blessing.

Calidora sighed softly and took a sip from her own water skin. Then, she also popped a small cluster of seaberries into her mouth, enduring the sourness as she chewed slowly.

As she chewed, she pulled out a small disc. This was an ancient disc that looked like it was the lid of a certain something.

Calidora gently caressed the disc, then imbued some magic into it.

The disc lit up. How

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