Chapter 16.1: Why Do I, As A Potato, Still Have To Study?
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The Hero Turned Into A Potato And The World Fell To Ruin Chapter 16.1: Why Do I, As A Potato, Still Have To Study?

Liu Ji felt that perhaps he had been a potato for far too long. So long that he only felt at peace after turning into a potato.

However, he understood that this peace was imaginary.

When fighting, he had once turned into a potato. Indeed, at that moment, he instinctively felt unparalleled peace and a sense of safety.

But, on the other hand, his rationality made him feel a contrary sense of intense unease.

He couldn't see or hear. Being in the dangerous situation without his five senses was like having his life in the hands of the enemy.

That didn't feel good. Not good at all.

That was why Liu Ji, in the next moment, had changed form once more, into a huge bear.

That's right. The moment he had consumed that first piece of bear meat, Liu Ji knew that he could turn into a huge bear.

Perhaps, his ability wasn't turning into a potato but rather, turning into whatever he consumed.

However, this inexplicable ability came without a manual or a system to explain it, leaving Liu Ji clueless about its scope, strength, and usage details. He could only figure it out slowly over time.

In any case, exploring this ability of his would need long-term consideration. But first, he had to get out from the ground; otherwise, he would forever remain a potato that might be dug up and eaten.

Thus, when the sun rose the next day and Liu Ji felt the first rays of sunlight on his leaves, he forcibly suppressed the urge to laze, transformed into human form, and opened his eyes.

The morning air had the unique scent of dew, and the temperature was low, giving a distinct chill, but this chill perfectly complemented the warmth of the morning sun.

Liu Ji could not remember the last time he had greeted the morning as a human; he had almost forgotten this feeling. It felt really great, this distinctly human feeling.

After digging out his lower hall from the ground, Liu Ji discovered that an old robe had been placed beside him.

It appeared to be the robe he had gotten wet before, which had now since been dried and was likely left beside him by Yaine.

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