Chapter 15: Can't Stomach
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"Ugh… Blergh!" Liu Ji vomited another mouthful of stomach acid.

He had been unable to control his gag reflex all this while, and having already emptied his stomach, all that came out now was pure gastric juice.

Yaine squatted by Liu Ji's side, patting his back, trying to make him feel better. Nearby, Mervant's gaze wandered; he was unsure where to look.

After all, Liu Ji was completely naked, leaning against a tree trunk and puking, which was somewhat hard to watch.

"Yaine, what's wrong with him?" Osar asked as he approached.

"It's his first time killing, and the scene was somewhat…" Yaine raised her chin toward a nearby area.

"Hmm? You mean this mess?" Mervant glanced down at the mashed-up remains by his feet. "I was wondering what kind of magic could have this effect; I never imagined it to be the doing of this fellow."

Osar walked over to Mervant, took a look, and drew a sharp breath. "Sheesh… This is indeed, how should I say… too intense for a first kill. But how did he manage it?"

"It's a bit complicated to explain." Yaine mused for a bit, and went on, "Putting it simply, you guys can think of him as a druid who can transform into a bear spirit…"

"Eh? He can turn into a bear besides a potato?" Mervant raised an eyebrow. "And seeing how it went, looks like he's pretty strong in combat too?"

"Mm, yes. It was all thanks to him; otherwise, my spellcasting might have been interrupted." Yaine shrugged. "Their scouts climbed the mountain much faster than we anticipated. Without his help, we would have really been in danger."

"Hahaha, we should really thank him, then." Osar grinned, hands on his hips. "I told you this fellow was a good lad. Seems my judgment isn't bad, eh?"

"Didn't I remember you talking about his muscles or something before?" Mervant's lips twitched.

"Yeah. If a person's muscles are good, then that person surely can't be bad, right?" Osar said cheerfully.

"That's… Alright, whatever you say." Mervant shrugged. "But we do owe him one."

"Yes, not many can make you owe them," Yaine said subtly. "But may

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