Chapter 14: Oh My, This Shouldn't Be Applauded
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The Hero Turned Into A Potato And The World Fell To Ruin Chapter 14: Oh My, This Shouldn't Be Applauded

What would happen if a person was stabbed in the stomach?

Firstly, there would surely be a significant amount of blood loss. Without timely stemming of the bleeding, the person might die from excessive blood loss.

Then, there would be damage to internal organs. If the knife wound was deep enough, it might cause organs to rupture and intestinal contents to leak into the abdominal cavity, which would ultimately lead to death.

But what would happen if a potato received a stab?

It seemed like nothing much would happen. Just that if this potato were for sale in the supermarket, it would likely be left until the last by picky customers.


A potato plant fell onto the blood-stained ground. This potato plant seemed to be of normal size, just like any other wild potato plants one might find in the wilderness.

However, the branches of this potato seemed particularly crisp, and the few potatoes on its roots were as round and lustrous as white jade.

Just that there was a gash on one of the potatoes that went straight through it.

This once mortal wound now had no effect on its life.

The scout looked at the potato plant on the ground in astonishment, then raised his curved dagger. He had clearly seen that person turned into this potato plant.

He had no idea why this person had turned into potatoes, but he didn't need to know, nor did he need to care. All he knew was that he needed to slaughter all enemies who dared resist the true king.

He swung his dagger down; even if it was just a potato, he would chop it up into shreds.

At this moment, an unexpected change took place.


A deafening roar erupted, and the harmless potato sprout instantly expanded, transforming in the blink of an eye into a terrifying giant bear several meters tall.

The bear's fur was a vibrant green, and it had a horn on its head that shone like a diamond. Its muscles were bulging, and between the fur, there seemed to be a luminescent glow.

Even stranger still, for some reason, there seemed to be a patch of fur missing from the bear's belly.

The scout,

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