Chapter 13: To A Potato?
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In the desert, the twelve-man squad was advancing slowly.

Though their body types and gear varied, their attire was uniformly styled—brown standard armor paired with orange-red cloaks, making them look less like an army or adventurers and more like a ceremonial unit.

A special energy enveloped the group, not only shielding them from sandstorms but also concealing them in the harsh desert light.

What was most strange was the look in their eyes.

Despite merely trudging slowly through the desert, their eyes burned with a fervor as if fueled by flames. It would make sense if they were charging heroically; their mere slow march through the desert made this expression seem quite out of place.

Suddenly, a figure appeared. A very abstract-looking anthropomorphic tiger, swaying in front of them like a wobbly toy.

Almost instantaneously, the squad sprang into action as if they were a cat that had its tail stepped on.

They swiftly formed a battle array as if they were machines set to a program. Protective barriers shielded the formation as the scouts quickly dispersed to the sides, blending into the desert dust.

Elite warriors charged forward, making a beeline toward the abstract anthropomorphic tiger.

Archers began firing at the target immediately, alternating shots from a crossbow and a bow.

And under the protection of shield guards, the mages began chanting rapidly.

In an instant, arrows hit the abstract anthropomorphic tiger, throwing darts from shadows flashing by in the periphery struck the tiger's vital points, and the elite warriors arrived, their swords crossing and slicing the tiger into three parts.

A moment later, the mages completed their incantations, and a meteorite, accompanied by destructive beams of starlight, descended from the sky, striking the already severed tiger and exploding with terrifying force.

After this brutal assault, not even the ashes of the unfortunate abstract anthropomorphic tiger remained.



Atop the sheer cliff.

Osar watched as his fur clone sacrificed itself heroically, his mouth

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