Chapter 12: Can't We Have A Meal In Peace?
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The Hero Turned Into A Potato And The World Fell To Ruin Chapter 12: Can't We Have A Meal In Peace?

"No, I've said it before, it's physiologically impossible," Osar argued while holding a chopstick in his hand. "Look at how thick my fingers are plus the pads; it's impossible to use these sticks to pick up food. So, it's perfectly fine for me to use my hands!"

"Don't give me that. I know very well how agile a fighter's fingers can be," Yaine dismissed his excuse. "You just don't want to learn. You could definitely do it if you really tried!"

"No! I really can't! I've already tried!" Osar protested vehemently. "Can't you just let me use my hands?!"

"No, that's unhygienic." Yaine shook her head. "And you only tried once. Try a few more times; I believe you can pick it up!"

"But I don't believe I can," Osar groaned, thumping his thigh in exasperation. "I just want to eat!"

Liu Ji, holding his wooden bowl and eating quietly, might not have understood the specifics of their conversation, but it didn’t stop him from enjoying the show.

After solitude for so many years, just having some lively company felt great.

Just then, a dark figure descended from the sky.

"Ah, Mervant, you're back." Osar's face lit up as if seeing a lifeline. "Come and settle this for us. They insist I use these two sticks to eat meat. Can you believe this?"

"Sorry, let's discuss such trivial matters later," Mervant said solemnly. "We have a tail."

Upon hearing this, Osar and Yaine tensed up.

"Are you sure? How many are there?" Yaine asked.

"I'm certain; a standard squad of twelve," Mervant replied, glancing at Liu Ji, who appeared utterly confused. "What about him? Should we have him turn into a potato and hide for a bit?"

"No need, we can just let him stay here," Osar said as he put down his bowl and stretched his limbs. "We can't let this place be exposed. We'll intercept them up ahead."

"Agreed. We have left too many traces of activity here. We can't give them a chance to investigate and send messages back." Yaine also put down her utensils and picked up her staff.

Seeing the three suddenly getting serious and gearing up as if ready for a confro

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