Chapter 11: Three Years Of Learning Animation
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The Hero Turned Into A Potato And The World Fell To Ruin Chapter 11: Three Years Of Learning Animation

"Huff… Hah!" Osar roared, chopping with his hand, and causing a tower tree to come crashing down.

Then, continuing to use his hand as a chopping blade, he neatly trimmed the entire tree from top to bottom, turning it into a cylindrical log.

"Phew, that's the last one." He breathed, shaking his hands to cool his palms down.

"It's easy to chop, but a hassle to bring back." Osar sighed, loosening his shoulders, then put a hand inside his shirt and rubbed his body.

After some rubbing, he successfully got a bunch of fur. He then rolled the fur in his hands into a tight sphere, then pinched and shaped it into an abstract figure resembling that of a small person.

He threw the fur-ball figure onto the ground, and with a thud, it transformed into an abstract version of Osar.

How abstract was it? Imagine something that looked like it was modeled by someone who had roughly spent three years of learning animation.

Despite its crude look, Osar seemed quite satisfied. He inspected his abstract self and nodded. "Mm, not bad. You can handle this log."

The abstract version obediently nodded, picked up the log from the ground, and hoisted it onto its shoulder.

With his abstract self in tow, Osar retraced his steps according to what he remembered.

As he walked, he continuously created more abstract clones of himself from fur balls.

He had scoured for suitable trees along the way earlier, chopping them down and shaping them. Now, on his way back, he could collect all these logs and bring them back.

Of course, it was these clones that did the carrying. After all, so many logs would be too much for one person to handle alone.



About an hour later, Osar returned to the camp, leading a parade of several dozen abstract clones of himself. By this time, he was far from the relaxed figure he had been an hour earlier. Exhausted, panting heavily, and with his tongue hanging out, he promptly slumped down as soon as he reached the camp. The fur-ball clones instantly transformed back into fur balls, resulting in a symphony

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