Chapter 10: Well-Done
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Liu Ji had never eaten raw meat in his life before.

Having been raised in a typical Chinese family and accustomed to fully cooked food from school cafeterias, raw meat was a no-go for him. Even his steaks had to be well-done; medium-rare was simply out of the question for him.

Now faced with a chunk of raw bear meat in another world, Liu Ji wasn't about to start gnawing on it.

Liu Ji also didn't like being a freeloader, so after some effort and a bit of charades, he managed to get some basic cooking tools from Yaine.

The equipment was simple—a pot, a knife, a cutting board, a few wooden bowls, and a small packet of salt. Though basic, it was sufficient for cooking a meal.

As for a stove, thanks to his fondness for watching outdoor videos, Liu Ji could set up a simple stone stove as long as someone could help him start a fire.

Seeing Liu Ji busy himself by the fire, Mervant and Yaine exchanged glances.

"Be honest, did you think he was some kind of wild man who'd eat raw meat?" Yaine asked with a deadpan expression.

"Um, aha." Mervant shrugged. "After all, he couldn't even speak, right?"

"I told you before, it's not that he can't speak, it's just that there's a language barrier." Yaine sighed. "Remember when we first met? He switched through four or five languages trying to communicate with us. If I recall correctly, you only know Dragontongue and the common language, right?"

"Uh… Is that so? Looks like I was mistaken." Mervant stroked his chin, realizing his error.

"Never mind, just don't be like this next time. It was really impolite," Yaine said. "Thankfully, he didn't seem to mind."

"Got it. But I've been meaning to ask." Mervant crossed his arms. "Are you maybe a tad too concerned about this mysterious potato man of unknown origins?"

"I've mentioned it before, we need a guide," said Yaine, frowning.

"Why does it have to be him? Shouldn't we try to find someone else?" Mervant countered. "Maybe there's someone around who understands our language. Moreover, you are trying to teach him magic. Don't you

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