Chapter 9: Eat Fresh
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Liu Ji felt very strange.

His family wasn't well-off, so like most people, Liu Ji had attended public schools all his life, never went to cram school or had private tutoring that cost thousands per course. The last time someone taught him one-on-one, meticulously guiding him through each word, was probably back in kindergarten.

Now, after god knows how many years as a potato, Liu Ji once again felt like he was a child learning to speak.

And the one teaching him word by word was seemingly a young girl that hadn't reached adulthood.

Stranger still, while he was learning, his right hand was tied to a pole planted firmly into the ground, with his index finger pointed at the sky.

There was no doubt this measure was to prevent Liu Ji from unleashing magic at his own head again.

While it felt like he was being treated like a child, Liu Ji also felt… somewhat excited?

After all, it was magic that he was learning!

It felt very much like the first time he visited an internet cafe with friends; pushing open those glass doors was like opening a portal to a whole new world.

Were it not for that mishap resulting in him eating a faceful of fire, Liu Ji would probably have been stoked all day just from seeing fire shoot out of his fingertip.

Unfortunately, since then, Yaine had only taught him isolated syllables instead of complete incantations. Despite his finger being pointed skyward, there wasn't any reaction.

However, Liu Ji wasn't anxious. In his opinion, it felt perfectly normal to start from the basics.

As he continued learning, Liu Ji gradually discovered that the language of incantations was fascinating. If he could repeatedly pronounce the words, he would naturally start understanding the meaning behind them. And the more he recited, the greater his understanding.

Once he realized this, he understood why Yaine was teaching him the language of incantations. Perhaps she was trying to establish communication with him this way.

It still felt odd, though, that she would teach magic just to talk to a complete s

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