Chapter 8: Can't Understand And Can't Ask Either
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The Hero Turned Into A Potato And The World Fell To Ruin Chapter 8: Can't Understand And Can't Ask Either

Yaine placed the spellbook on a stone well-lit by sunlight.

Then, she summoned a plump little green bird. The little bird hopped to the edge of the spellbook and flapped its tiny wings, creating gentle breezes onto the spellbook.

"Really, Teacher, is this your way of reminding me?" Yaine muttered as she gazed at the book. "That magic shouldn't be half-heartedly taught? And every student should be given utmost care… or something like that?

"But then again," she glanced at Liu Ji who was wringing out his clothes nearby, "the incantation he recited just now was merely a basic fire release magic. For a beginner, just creating sparks on his fingertip would already be impressive…

"Genius… or perhaps, racial talent?

"Right, he's a person that can transform into a potato." Yaine turned back, continuing to mumble to the spellbook, "So, Teacher, are you trying to tell me that perhaps I should take teaching him a bit more seriously? Just like how you taught me?"

A breeze blew over the spellbook, making it flip to a new page.

Yaine shut her eyes, took a deep breath, and mustered a slight smile.

"Mm, very well. It will give me something to do," Yaine muttered softly. "If not, I'm really afraid I might end up wanting to find you right now…"

Yaine turned around, casually opening a spatial portal which she pulled a dry linen robe out from, and approached Liu Ji, who was drying his clothes by the fire.

Liu Ji was still feeling guilty. When he saw Yaine approach with a fresh robe, he felt too embarrassed to accept it and gestured that he could just dry his clothes.

Yaine ignored his refusal and pushed the new robe into Liu Ji's hands.

Liu Ji tried to refuse again. He pushed the robes back and waved his hands repeatedly.

To his surprise, Yaine's hand went to the current robe Liu Ji was wearing as if she intended to remove it.

This startled Liu Ji since he was only wearing that robe with nothing underneath. If she managed to lift it, everything would be exposed.

Quickly pressing down on his robe, he took the new one and darted behind

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