Chapter 7: Caused Trouble
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Since Liu Ji had turned back into human, naturally, potatoes were off the menu.

To obtain sufficient food, the young swordsman decided to venture into the forest to hunt.

Osar wanted to tag along, but the young swordsman didn't feel at ease leaving Yaine alone with Liu Ji, and thus, the tigerman was forcibly made to stay.

Now, Osar was idly sitting by a newly lit fire, while Yaine was focused on writing and sketching in a small notebook nearby. Not far from them, Liu Ji was slowly flipping through a thick, heavy old tome.

"If I remember… That spellbook was the first gift from your teacher, right?" Osar asked Yaine while tossing a branch into the fire. "And you just lent it to him like that?"

"We know nothing about this world, and I think we need a guide," Yaine replied without even looking up. "That spellbook, though it's just a children's primer on magic, can teach simple incantations that I can use to communicate with him."

"But that was from your teacher…" Osar started but stopped when he saw Yaine glaring at him. He scratched his chin and changed the subject, "Okay, never mind… But I thought using incantations to speak was just a trick pretentious third-rate mages use."

"That's usually true." Yaine gaze went back to her notebook. "But isn't the ability to be pretentious based on the fact that this thing can actually be used for communication?"

"Then, why don't we teach him a common language or something?" Osar asked.

"I have never learned how to teach someone a new language when there's no common language between us," Yaine said. "Besides, you may want to teach him, but he might not want to learn."

"But can he really learn incantations?" Osar stroked his chin. "I looked at spell books when I was a kid, and I couldn't understand a thing."

"It depends on luck. If someone is talented and has an interest, they can learn incantations on their own much faster than a new language. At least, judging from his reaction, he doesn't lack interest," Yaine explained, tearing a page from her notebook and handing it to Osar. "

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