Chapter 27 - Loving Father, Filial Daughter
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Give Me Another Smile (GL) Chapter 27 - Loving Father, Filial Daughter

The sound of running water coming from the bathroom did not last very long. When Tang Yu left the bathroom, she brought with her a cloud of steam. After showering, her cheeks looked pinkish, and hints of laziness could be seen in her eyes.

"You can go to sleep first if you're tired, Tang-Tang. I'm going to take my bath now," Yin Zhao-an said as a reminder, afraid that her Tang-Tang would stand still without knowing what to do again. Then, she grabbed a fresh set of clothes and walked into the bathroom.

The sound of running water flowed out of the bathroom again a moment later. Tang Yu hesitated for a moment before sitting at the edge of Yin Zhao-an's bed. Only after her body had cooled down sufficiently did she slowly crawl into the familiar bed.

The pillow was new, and the bedding was also new. They gave off a faint smell of lavender, which reassured Tang Yu.

The bedroom was very quiet when Yin Zhao-an left the bathroom, so Yin Zhao-an guessed that Tang Yu must have fallen asleep already.

Yin Zhao-an's short hair was wet and stuck to her scalp, and water could still be seen dripping from the ends of her hair. After wrapping a towel around her neck, she picked up her hairdryer and left the room.


Yin Changcheng took off his reading glasses and caressed his chin, a frown forming on his face as he pondered over the data displayed on the computer.


A noise came from outside the door, causing his chaotic thoughts to grow even more chaotic. Eventually, his irritation caused him to leave the study to see what was going on outside.

Yin Zhao-an was standing next to the staircase on the first floor while drying her hair, the hairdryer she used plugged into a socket by the staircase. Her short, smooth hair slowly fluffed up under the constant stream of hot air. When she saw her father walking out of the study, she only glanced at him briefly before returning her attention to her hair.

"Hey, aren't you behaving less and less respectfully to me? Can't even bother to give your old man a greeting?" Yin Changchneg said,

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