Chapter 28 - With Age Comes Wisdom
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Give Me Another Smile (GL) Chapter 28 - With Age Comes Wisdom

Yin Zhao-an was very quiet on the way to school. She kept her eyes closed as she leaned against Tang Yu the entire time.

Wang Zhen kept looking back through the rearview mirror, apparent worry in her eyes.

If Tang Yu wasn't aware of Yin Zhao-an's mental tolerance, even she would have assumed that Yin Zhao-an had her feelings hurt by the situation just now.

As soon as the car stopped outside the school, Yin Zhao-an dragged Tang Yu out of the car without saying a word, behaving as if she had been wronged.

However, after passing a corner, the tense expression on Yin Zhao-an's face loosened. Then, leaning her entire body onto Tang Yu, Yin Zhao-an sullenly said, "I'm so pitiful, Tang-Tang."


"I feel like you're the child they gave birth to while I was adopted," Yin Zhao-an aggrievedly said, putting on a pathetic look to seek comfort from her Tang-Tang.

After staying silent for a few seconds, Tang Yu pat Yin Zhao-an on the shoulder and said, "I have a mother."

Yin Zhao-an: "..."

Yin Zhao-an helplessly sighed and held her forehead. She was a fool to expect her Tang-Tang to say something sensational.


When noon came around, Tang Yu got dragged to the hospital by Yin Changcheng before she could even eat her lunch.

When Tang Yu saw how much of a hurry Yin Changcheng was in, she thought something had happened to her father. Fortunately, that wasn't the case at all.

After arriving at the hospital, Tang Yu discovered that her father had already regained consciousness and was sitting on his bed. Although her father's unshaven face looked a little haggard, he radiated a lively and righteous aura. Even though he was just sitting there, he gave off a reassuring feeling.

"Daddy," Tang Yu softly called out to her father after taking a seat by the bed.

Tang Zhengyang smiled at Tang Yu reassuringly. Although he wanted to pat his daughter's head, his wife stopped him from doing so because of his shoulder injury.

"Old Tang." Yin Changcheng didn't say much, choosing to only call out to his friend. However, the gazes they exchange

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