Chapter 26 - Different
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Give Me Another Smile (GL) Chapter 26 - Different

"Cough, cough…" Tang Yu choked on her food, her delicate face turning beet red.

Yin Zhao-an hurriedly poured Tang Yu a cup of warm water when she saw this. Then, while gently patting Tang Yu on the back, she naggingly said, "Don't be in such a hurry when eating. No one is fighting over the food with you."

Meanwhile, Yin Changcheng held his head and sighed. He felt as if his daughter was an exact copy of his wife. Even the way Yin Zhao-an spoke resembled Wang Zhen perfectly.

After waiting for Tang Yu to recover, Yin Zhao-an returned to her seat.

Although the conversation was interrupted, Yin Changcheng still chose to correct his daughter's misconception, saying, "An-An, you can't just casually call someone your wife."


Yin Changcheng took a moment to organize his words. Then, he cleared his throat and said, "You can only call someone your wife after you have married them. Your mother and I are married, so I can call her my wife. You, however, must refer to Little Yu as your big sister."

Tang Yu fervently nodded on one side, expressing her approval.

After pondering over her father's words for a moment, Yin Zhao-an suddenly smiled and said, "Then, I'll just have to marry Tang-Tang. That way, I can say she's my wife, right?"

"You little s—" No! I must endure it! Yin Changcheng's face turned bright red from anger. After taking a deep breath, he said, "Nevermind. I won't continue talking about this with you, but you best get this notion out of your mind. Otherwise, your mother will take care of you once she comes home."

Not wanting to let his blood pressure rise even more than it already did, Yin Changcheng wolfed down his food and fled to the study. Before closing the door, he said, "Bring the dishes into the kitchen once you're done eating. Also, stop serving food to Little Yu. I don't think she can finish that much food."

Yin Zhao-an, putting another fat prawn into Tang Yu's bowl, froze. However, after hesitating for only a second, she resumed adding more food into Tang Yu's full bowl. Then, she smile

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