Chapter 25 - Serving Food
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Give Me Another Smile (GL) Chapter 25 - Serving Food

As soon as class was over, Yin Zhao-an was already excitedly jumped up and down outside one of the windows of Tang Yu's classroom like a little monkey, her antics earning her the attention of everyone in the classroom.

Tang Yu started to pack her schoolbag even more quickly when she saw this embarrassing sight. Then, as soon as she finished, she ran out of the classroom, dragging her schoolbag with one hand and the overly-enthusiastic child with her other hand.

"Tang-Tang, Tang-Tang, are you sleeping over at my house today? Hm? Hmm? Hmmm? Are you? Are you?" Yin Zhao-an eagerly asked while interlocking her fingers with the hand that took the initiative to hold onto hers.

Yin Zhao-an did not stop talking throughout the entire time they walked out of the school. Tang Yu found Yin Zhao-an's behavior too embarrassing, so she simply kept her head looking straight while only offering several perfunctory "yes" as a reply.

Yin Changcheng parked his car at the curb outside the school. A stream of students flowed out of the school gate as soon as school was over. Yin Changcheng was someone with trouble remembering faces, so every one of these children looked the same to him. He was at such a loss that he didn't even realize his daughter was already standing next to his car.

"Dad, let's go," Yin Zhao-an said after opening the door and pulling Tang Yu into the back of the car with her, her eyes shining brightly.


Eventually, Tang Yu found herself standing in a familiar room. The decorations, the desk, and even the single bed...everything was familiar to her.

The bookshelf in the room held Yin Zhao-an's favorite comic books. It also held books on human anatomy and physiology. Out of these two starkly different categories of books, the latter naturally wasn't chosen by Yin Zhao-an. Instead, Wang Zhen had forcibly stuffed those books there.

When Yin Changcheng walked over to Yin Zhao-an's room with a brand new set of bedding, he couldn't help but laugh when he saw Tang Yu standing still by the entrance. Then, he said, "Don't be

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