Chapter 37.3: Liar Liar Puppy Shang (3)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 37.3: Liar Liar Puppy Shang (3)

He Jiang turned his head and instructed the cameraman. “Please delete this scene.”

After which, he squeezed Shang Jing’s neck. “Nutritious meal for old people… Puppy Shang, a loose tongue causes a lot of trouble, have you heard of that? Do you want to see what happens?”

Shang Jing immediately covered He Jiang’s mouth.

We are on live broadcast! Control yourself, don’t play the rogue here.

“Let’s stop talking about this. I am simply stating my thoughts about this meal.”

In the live broadcast.

“Ahhhhh, Puppy Shang, why did you cover his mouth?!”

“Is there anything I, as a VIP of this live broadcast, cannot hear?”

He Jiang: “Let me fill you in on the details: 26 years old, 26 centimeters, 26 hours.”

Shang Jing blushed and quickly changed the topic. By now, he had already forgotten his initial mission and blabbered on, “I am talking about the food, why are you bringing that out? Look! Isn’t this a good example of our generation gap?”

He Jiang squinted his eyes. “Shang Jing, do you really believe we have a 5 year gap between us?”

Shang Jing looked at him with confusion.

It’s just simple addition and deduction. How could he be wrong?

He Jiang slowly scooped a spoonful of oatmeal porridge. “Open your mouth.”

Shang Jing obediently did so.

He Jiang fed him the porridge. “Don’t forget this. When your mother brought you to the States, she altered your age to a year younger to make it easier to enroll you into school.”

Shang Jing has no recollection of this matter but since they were on live broadcast at the moment, he did not choose to ask further and could only accept his new 22 year old setting.

He Jiang: “We only have a 4 year gap between us, ok?”

Shang Jing nodded.

Is 23 years old considered young? If not for Puppy Shang, would I be in this predicament?

At this moment, He Jiang really wanted Puppy Shang to regain his memories. Even though there was a three year blank page in their relationship, it was still a pity he was the only one who remembered what happened when they were dating while he was still 22 years old, turning 23.

He Jiang chuckled. “If you really think being young is an honor, why did you pretend to be older to date me? And to disregard your own doings after getting me on board?”

Shang Jing’s eyes widened. Is this something they should share on a live broadcast?

Did I really do something like this in the past? Could I really be one of those brainless fans?

From He Jiang’s tone, did I also get caught for lying about my age?!

Not wanting to disgrace himself in front of the entire nation, Shang Jing quickly made a pass at He Jiang, hinting him they were on live broadcast.

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But He Jiang did not get the hint. He even snapped his fingers and knocked on the table. “We’re telling a story here. Director, please set out another camera here.”

Shang Jing: “...” Is he crazy?

Men cannot stand being said they were old.

He Jiang was dead set on letting this Puppy Shang remember the cons of being young.

Danger bells rang in Shang Jing’s head. He felt like he had opened Pandora's box and did not know what kind of societal death sentence He Jiang would bring on him.

He Jiang lowered his gaze. With a smile and a reminiscing expression, he iterated, “Our first meeting could be considered a blind date. At that time, I was filming a drama and the director urged me to get into a relationship to experience the emotions of being in love, and that was when a senior introduced me to Shang Jing who was still in the States at that time.”

‘Don’t look at me like that. You knew that before you agreed.” He Jiang stretched out a hand and scratched Shang Jing’s chin like he was consoling an agitated cat.

“At that time, my only two criterias were to be of legal age and have a good grasp of the Chinese language.”

“But a certain someone lied about his legal birthday on the fact that his actual age was past 18, and illegally took on the role.”

A certain someone: “...”

Isn’t that what a simp is capable of?

He Jiang: “Since I was busy with filming, I was kept in the dark for a whole month before…”

Shang Jing felt suffocated.

Why is he making up such stories now to get back at me in front of the entire nation?!”

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