Chapter 37.2: Liar Liar Puppy Shang (2)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 37.2: Liar Liar Puppy Shang (2)

In the live broadcast room.

“I have the same expression Zhuang Qin has now.”

“My dear, do you still remember you are on live broadcast?”

“I’m convinced Shang Jing is taking this opportunity to get back at He Jiang for something else.”

“My poor son. If He Jiang hits you later, mother will not stop him.”

“Am I the only one who thinks Shang Jing is lying to Xiao Zhuang? Our honest and sweet child, Xiao Zhuang, is being eaten at the bottom of the food chain.”

Zhuang Qin was stunned. “Isn’t that a bit too much?”

Shang Jing: This is just the tip of the iceberg. After all, He Jiang did dump mine into the trash bin previously.

He replied in a suppressed voice, “If I really want to be difficult, I will pour the food over He Jiang’s head.”

Shang Jing’s statement shocked Zhuang Qin. Who knew the world of a pain-in-the-ass was so ghastly?

In actual fact, when Shang Jing was first exposed to the live examples of others being difficult to their partners, he was also shocked beyond words and did not have the courage to record them in his memo pad.

How were those actions still in the category of being difficult? They were definitely toeing the line of being mental illness patients.

As the two of them made their way to the restaurant for breakfast, Zhuang Qin could not help keeping an eye on Shang Jing’s side. He was ready to rush over at any time to stop a fight from breaking out.

Cen Feinuo: “Why are you so distracted? What are you looking at?”

Zhuang Qin was instantly pulled back to the present. Stuttering, he said, “I-It’s too hot. I want it to be at exactly 43°C.”

Cen Feinuo was stunned. He stretched out a hand and touched the side of Zhuang Qin’s bowl. “It does seem a little too hot.”

Zhuang Qin mumbled under his voice, “... 43.”

Cen Feinuo looked at Zhuang Qin with excitement. It was rare for him to request something from him, like a snail exposing its little foot. “Give me a second, I’ll go buy a digital thermometer.”

Zhuang Qin rubbed his face forcefully.

This feels… good?

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At the same time, the experienced pain-in-the-ass candidate, Shang Jing, sat down in front of He Jiang. On the table in front of them were two sunny side up eggs, a plate of boiled seasonal vegetables and a bowl of oatmeal red bean milk porridge.

It was obvious He Jiang’s cooking skills still had room for improvement and could only cook up some simple dishes.

Shang Jing picked up a sunny side up egg with his chopsticks and finished it in two bites. He licked his lips. The sides of the egg were fried to crispiness and the yolk was well-seasoned. It was a perfectly done sunny side up egg.

Shang Jing did not really plan to flip the table. It was just a figure of speech. His plan was to constantly pick on He Jiang’s faults and annoy him till he loses his temper.

Even though each action seemed insignificant, they were sure to bring about an explosive result when executed together.

He was confident he would emerge the champion in this round.

To start off, he decided to pick faults out of nothing. “How would this be able to fill my stomach?”

He Jiang: “Isn’t there still a bowl of porridge here?”

Shang Jing: “It’s too plain. There isn’t even a single slice of meat.”

He Jiang: “I’ll learn how to grill steak in the afternoon.”

Shang Jing swallowed his saliva. “I don’t like western food.”

He Jiang: “How about grilled pork belly?”

Shang Jing: “... Fine.” There was no way he could continue on with this conversation.

He decided to change the topic. “I’ve been reading some books recently.”

He Jiang pushed the bowl of porridge towards Shang Jing. “Is it for your PhD? I can help you keep a look out for professors who are recruiting students this year.”

“No!” Shang Jing interrupted him. “I am talking about webnovels.”

He had explored the books netizens in the thread recommended to him. However, he did not have any interest towards those reincarnation revenge stories. Instead, he found something even more interesting…

Shang Jing: “He Jiang, considering your age, you can already be considered an old man, while I am only 21 years old. There’s a huge gap of 5 years between us.”

“Cough cough cough…” He Jiang pulled out a piece of tissue paper to wipe his mouth. With incredulousness, he asked, “You find me old?”

Shang Jing: “There does seem to be a generation gap between us.”

He Jiang laughed. “If we really do have a generation gap between us, I would have already died from anger three years ago because of you.”

Seeing He Jiang’s strong reaction towards age, Shang Jing decided to push on on this route. But he did not really know the market out there and could only make blind claims. “When people age, not only does their thinking become rigid, their bodily function also weakens… and they can't digest oily food. Just look at the breakfast you prepared, isn’t this a standard nutritious meal for old people?!”

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