Chapter 37.1: Liar Liar Puppy Shang (1)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 37.1: Liar Liar Puppy Shang (1)

It was a routine duty for the production team to film the breakfast making segment of each guest every morning. In the last episode, Shang Jing made dumplings so it was He Jiang’s turn to make breakfast together with Cen Feinuo, Cen Nalan and Liu Xin while their partners were secretly called into a small room by the production team to complete some tasks.

The host, Yang Yue, let out a yawn.

He was deep in thoughts on whether to scrounge a free breakfast from He Jiang or Cen Feinuo.

Just then, Shang Jing, Zhuang Qin, Lu Gaojie and Ji Zhou entered the room. He quickly straightened himself and recited the script, “It’s common for couples to have conflicts throughout their married life. To have a long and happy marriage, it is important for both parties to be understanding and accept one another’s flaws.”

“Today’s game will test the acceptance level between you and your partner.”

“Each guest will be tasked to do something your partner dislikes.”

“The most popular couple whose actions are accepted by their other half will be awarded the highest points in this round.”

“Live broadcast will start the moment you leave this room. Your partners have also been kept in the dark to prevent cheating.”

“That’s all. Please proceed to meet your respective partners and taste the breakfast they have specially prepared for you!”

The guests looked at each other in bewilderment.

The mission came too suddenly and they were still unable to wrap their heads around it. All along they have been tasked to portray the image of a loving couple in the show so who would have thought there would be a segment where they have to do otherwise.

Especially the second couple, Lu Gaojie and Cen Nalan. They were grouped together at the last minute and were solely relying on their aspirations to become famous through the show to act chummy with each other. Anything outside the script was going to be a challenge. As such, Lu Gaojie was worried Cen Nalan might explode in front of the camera should he not toe the line carefully.

Ju Zhou, too, was deep in thoughts. Her boyfriend, Liu Xin, was someone with a gentle temperament but that almost meant he lacked judgment. This was not a round she had confidence getting first in.

Zhuang Qin, on the other hand, was ready to give up right after hearing the instructions from the host. However, if he gave up on his own volition, his team would have to face the consequence of having points deducted from them which would also equal to doing something Cen Feinuo dislikes.

Shang Jing opened his mouth slightly to say something but quickly held his tongue. His hubby was indeed the main investor of the show.

Is there any other game that’s more suitable for me?

This is such a good opportunity for me to make He Jiang’s life a living hell! And the best thing is that he will have to hold his temper for us to win. 

His dilemma was finally solved. Since there was no guarantee He Jiang would not have a change of heart and he still did not have the heart to file for divorce, it was better to maintain the status quo.

Just like the reply in the thread, he should continue to make He Jiang’s life difficult and get back at him for the past humiliation. Whether they would get a divorce or not, or whether He Jiang would have a change of heart, only time could tell.

With his mind made up, Shang Jing walked out of the room confidently.

But before he did, he noticed Zhuang Qin’s timid figure cowering in the corner and decided to approach him. “What’s troubling you?”

Zhuang Qin: “I don’t know what I should do to make Cen Feinuo detest me.”

Shang Jing immediately took out his pain-in-the-ass guidebook. “Isn’t that simple? Let me ask you, does Cen Feinuo fare well with spicy food?”

Zhuang Qin thought about the times he ate with Cen Feinuo.

Everytime Cen Feinuo made Sauerkraut Fish for me, he would add chillies in it, but I don’t think I’ve seen him touch the dish once…

It was as though the dish was made specially for him.

“He’s not good with spicy food.”

Shang Jing: “Later when you get out of this room, grab a bottle of chili sauce and pour half a bottle of it into the food Cen Feinuo made. Make sure he finishes the food with you.”

Zhuang Qin panicked, “What if he really finished that bowl of chili with me?”

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“Um…” Shang Jing thought for a moment then pulled out his guidebook once again. “This won’t do, this won’t do it either…”

“Right, here’s one. Later when Cei Feinuo serves you porridge, tell him you will only eat it when it’s exactly 43°C. If it’s even 1°C cooler and hotter, you’ll not even taste it.”

Zhuang Qin’s eyes lit up. The development was mild but still a pain-in-the-ass. It was worth a consideration. But he was still worried. “It’s a good plan. But if I use it, what about you?”

Shang Jing: “I still have many tricks up my sleeve.”

In the live broadcast room.

“Fuck, I pity that old dog, He Jiang!”

“If only I could take a peek at Shang Jing’s pain-in-the-ass notebook. Why is he so experienced in this?!”

“This is truly the case of a willing teacher and his enthusiastic student.”

“I’m still on the fence on whether Shang Jing was a natural-born pain-in-the-ass or a deliberate one.”

“A natural-born pain-in-the-ass naturally wouldn’t need a guidebook but who would write a pain-in-ass guidebook if he is normal?”

Zhuang Qin: “What’s your plan?”

Shang Jing, with a glint in his eyes, whispered, “I’ll drop all his food the moment I get out of this room.”

Zhuang Qin: “...”

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