Chapter 36.3: Baby, How Much Did The Scammer Ask From You? (3)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 36.3: Baby, How Much Did The Scammer Ask From You? (3)

When Shang Jing woke up the next morning, with the blanket tightly tucked to his chest, he analyzed his current situation.

Following the scare from the scammer the day before, he had rashly made the decision to forgo his rights to He Jiang’s assets should they get a divorce.

After all, no matter how much assets and riches there were, they could never replace He Jiang.

He just wanted him to be well.

But this was a dangerous thought, especially since his heart had already swayed from He Jiang’s persistent wooing.

Will I really have the courage to file for a divorce after the variety show ends and start a new life without He Jiang?

But if I continue to stay in this marriage, how will I account for myself and the sufferings I’ve been through?

My dark history of being a simp once will forever be marked on the pillar of shame.

Regardless, Shang Jing was clear this was not an issue of being a simp or not but rather an issue of him not being able to detect and analyze deeper emotional factors. His thoughts were often like a tangled ball of yarn, preventing him from catching the gist behind things.

He scoured through his diary entries. When he got to his pain-in-the-ass manual, his eyes lit up.

I can seek professional help!

When he was doing his research on how to make He Jiang’s life difficult, he chanced upon a forum for relationships. The brothers and sisters there seemed to be pretty woke and wise.

Having set his mind on it, he retraced his steps to find the forum and registered an account to start a thread.

Ten minutes later, a thread named ‘Fam, some help needed here. Should I divorce my husband?’ appeared on the main page.

I met my husband through an online game. Even though he was harsh with his words, he was exceptionally protective of me. After that, we met offline and started our relationship. It was only after we got married did he show his true colors. 

He’s a machismo surrounded by admirers and often subjected me to cold violence. We have been living separately for some time now and he doesn’t allow me to look for a job nor does he give me any living allowance. 

Following an accident, I lost my memories. That was when I truly started to realize my folly and decided to pay him back ten fold for all the sufferings I was put through then leave him in the dust by filing for a divorce… 

But recently, my husband has been treating me exceptionally well. Accompanying me to my doctor’s appointment, helping me earn money etc. There seems to be no trace of his jerkish self nowaday. He even said he loved me! Should I still divorce him?

1L: Are you writing a novel? It’s terrible. I doubt Jin Jiang will sign you on for this.

2L: Cheat on him like your life depends on it. If you don’t, I’ll advise you to leave him.

4L: It’s obvious. Your drastic change in temperament after you lost your memories piqued his interest. You must have been a detestable woeful wife previously.

5L: There are similar plotlines out there. You can reference ‘Reincarnation: Douchebag Woos Me Back’, ‘Awakening After Losing Memories’, ‘I Just Want To Be A Salted Fish’, and ‘Douchebag Top Knelt For Reconciliation’.

6L: I stand for divorce. He could have been drawn to your simp personality in the game and married you but later got sick of it as time passed. I believe that was when the cold violence started. Now that you’ve lost your memories and started to make life difficult for him, the novelty could have piqued his interest and make you appear cute to him. However, how can you be sure he won’t get sick of you again? The excitement of having something new could be propelling him to string you along but which man could tolerate a pain-in-the-ass for long? Never ever rely on a man’s interest in you, it’s not permanent.

8L: I support 1L.

10L: Men are like dogs. The more you tighten the leash and pull him in the direction of home, the more tempted and determined he is to run outside. But the moment you let go and leave him be, he would follow behind you obediently. A leopard can’t change its spot. Sister, I hope you understand where I’m coming from.

15L: If you really do not feel like getting a divorce, why not try being more difficult with him? If he doesn't love you from the bottom of his heart, he would not be able to bear it.

The further down the thread Shang Jing read, the more rigid his expression became. His heart has already sunken to the bottom of his stomach.

We are Hosted Novel, find us on google.

The onlooker sees more of the game. The replies in the thread have specified all the worries he himself could not fathom.

How long will He Jiang’s interest in me last this time?

Was he just attracted by the novelty?

Does it really have to be like 15L said, I have to… be even more difficult?

In the meantime, He Jiang was already up and awake early in the morning and was contacting his personal lawyer.

“I want to make a will.”

“If I get into an unfortunate accident, I would like to unconditionally leave the villa I’m currently staying in, the apartment I own in the city center and all the cash under my name to Shang Jing. In addition, I would like to create a separate fund to cover all of Shang Jing’s subsequent medical and hospitalization fees.”

“Please draft the will as mentioned and email it to me.”

Yesterday’s incident served as a big reminder to He Jiang.

Having taken on the role of Shang Jing’s legally-wedded husband, it would be too unfair to not leave a single cent of inheritance to him should he get into an accident.

I’ll leave the will as such first but I believe there will be a day the will will be nulled.

And that will be the day I become Shang Jing’s true legally wedded husband.

[The author (Xiao Wendan) has something to say: The saying ‘Men are like dogs’ was derived from a netizen's comment.

Main highlight of the chapter: Anti-scam APP, effective for fending off scammers but not jerks.]

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