Chapter 36.2: Baby, How Much Did The Scammer Ask From You? (2)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 36.2: Baby, How Much Did The Scammer Ask From You? (2)

There was no way Shang Jing would expect to be scammed by He Jiang under the guise of downloading an anti-scam APP.

Anti-scam center, effective for fending off scammers but not jerks.

“I’m done.” He Jiang returned the phone back to Shang Jing.

Shang Jing received the phone and placed it on top of his bedside cabinet. The emotional outburst had drained all his energy. Just five minutes of rest while he waited for He Jiang to work on his phone was enough to make him sleepy.

He Jiang looked at Shang Jing patiently.

When the latter did not ask him to move and sleep on the floor, happiness blossomed in his heart. Before the filming of the variety show resumed, he had already made mental preparations to sleep on the floor the entire duration.

Now that Shang Jing was lying in his arms obediently, anybody would cherish this moment dearly.

Mm, if it was ‘anybody else’.

He Jiang held his tongue. But it did not last long. After a few minutes, he closed his eyes in resignation and whispered softly in Shang Jing’s ear, “Baby, how much did the scammer ask from you?”

In a drowsy state, Shang Jing mumbled, “200k yuan.”

He Jiang tightened his grip around the blanket. The impact of the answer was immense, like a hammer directly at his temples, causing his soul to buzz with excitement. If he could transform right this moment, he would definitely be a husky excitedly pulling a sleigh for 3000km in a snowfield.

200k yuan! The stingy Shang Jing was actually willing to pay 200k yuan to save my life!

Is this the happiness of having your net worth boosted?

Isn’t this how a normal loving couple would live their life? Carefully calculating our earnings and living expenses, controlling our urge to go to a Michelin 3 star restaurant to celebrate my birthday and making it up with sincere preparations in other areas, and spending all he had to save me after knowing I’ve been admitted into the ICU following a car accident.

A meal might be insufficient to reflect one’s true heart but one’s reaction towards a life and death situation is definitely credible.

Shang Jing really does care about me, right?

Even he didn’t three years ago, he surely does now. 

Shang Jing was already on the brink of slipping into dreamland when the person beside him let out a slightly perverted smile. Thinking back to the conversation he just had, he shot out of bed and explained, “This 200k yuan was given by Aunt He. It’s only right for me to use this amount to save you. If the scammer asked for 400k yuan from me, I would have just left you to your own devices.”

He Jiang: “Mm, I understand.”

Shang Jing did not have 400k yuan and could of course not offer that. What he did was only to transfer what he had on hand.

At this moment, He Jiang decided to humble himself and apologized sincerely, “Xiao Jing, I want to take this opportunity to apologize to you.”

Shang Jing’s eyes widened slightly.

Why is he apologizing to me? Could it be for all the mental torture he has put me through in the past?

Too bad the simp is dead. There’s no use apologizing now.

He Jiang: “The reason why I went out drinking with Yang Yue on my birthday was because I saw the delivery receipt in the rubbish bin and thought I am worth only 88 yuan to you. I was devastated and humiliated so… I am happy to know that I am worth at least 200k in your heart.”

It was possible this 200k yuan would cause the multi-millionaire He Jiang to lose sleep tonight from overexcitement.

Shang Jing did not expect his delivery receipt to be discovered like that and immediately felt awkward. “I didn’t mean to… Fine, I did mean it. I didn’t want to treat you to something expensive.”

The incident tonight had let the relationship between them advance by leaps and bounds and Shang Jing was bent on putting a stop to that. “The delivery fee was such a pain too.”

He Jiang: “That’s right, I’m a jerk. I am not even worthy of the 88 yuan food delivery.”

And even less worthy of the 1688 yuan birthday cake.

Shang Jing lost.

How could this douchebag’s skin be so thick? Did he steal my skin for himself while I’m asleep?! Two-skin face!

He mumbled under his breath, “Who will still celebrate the jerk’s birthday next year.”

He Jiang pretended not to get the divorce reference and accepted the ‘jerk’ status gracefully. Ever since Shang Jing came to his side, his attitude was truly a little jerkish. To be branded a ‘jerk’ by Shang Jing, he deserved it.

“My wish for this year is that Shang Jing will be able to order Shaxian food delivery for me next year. Is it ok?”

For the wildly rich and popular film emperor to make such a birthday wish, how humble and sincere must he be?

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Shang Jing was almost tempted into acceding to his request.

He Jiang pushed on, “I’ll pick up the food myself from the store if the delivery fee is more than 2 yuan, alright? Just give me a call.”

Shang Jing could not help rebutting, “What a waste of gas money.”

He Jiang bent down and planted a kiss in between his eyebrows, “Thank you, honey.”

Shang Jing: “...” Did I agree to your request?!

The danger bells in his head blared loudly. Looking around, his gaze landed on his handphone.

I’ve just had a meal scammed out of me by He Jiang. Why didn’t the APP remind me?!

But there was no one there to help Puppy Shang.

And… Puppy Shang slept beside the scammer till daybreak.

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