Chapter 36.1: Baby, How Much Did The Scammer Ask From You? (1)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 36.1: Baby, How Much Did The Scammer Ask From You? (1)

It took He Jiang a full ten minutes to calm Shang Jing down.

The view of Shang Jing, bare-footed in his pajamas, wiping his tears in his arms made his heart ache.

This was also the first time he felt Shang Jing did care for him ever since their reunion at the hospital.

“Don’t wipe your tears and snot on my shirt.”

Despite Shang Jing getting over the matter a while ago, with the dam in his heart breached, it was not easy to stop his tears from gushing out. They were tears accumulated from his fears of his unknown past, the woes he went through on He Jiang’s birthday, the emotions he felt while waiting endlessly in front of the birthday cake for a certain someone to return…

Just a moment of relaxation and the memory and emotions washed over him again.

It did not help that He Jiang was away from home most of the time, making it hard for him to develop any sense of security. It had even reached the point where a moment of tardiness on He Jiang’s part in returning home would induce feelings of loneliness and anxiety in him, making him feel helpless, like he was once again left alone in the world to fend for himself. He did not know anyone else in this world, no one else was looking out for him and there was no one he could approach.

He was lost, even his past self was a mystery to him.

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When the calm finally settled in, it came with a wave of embarrassment. But revenge was still fresh on Shang Jing’s mind. As a form of quick revenge, he pulled on He Jiang’s shirt and wiped his face with it.

“So what if I wiped my tears and snot on your shirt? How expensive can it be? I’ll compensate you for it.”

But He Jiang was not offended. Instead, he lightly rubbed the corner of Shang Jing’s reddened eyes and chuckled, “It’s not my shirt that’s expensive. It’s my wife my heart aches for. What if the fabric of my shirt scratches your skin?”

Shang Jing’s skin was soft and moist from all the crying and seemed like it would tear from a soft touch, much less say fabric.

But the statement did little to impress Shang Jing and left him speechless. He was not adept at responding to such statements from He Jiang.

With a clench of his teeth, he forced out a rebuttal, “Oh, then what should I use to wipe my tears with. Or should I just cry to death.”

He Jiang gently wiped off the last of his tears from the bottom of his eyes with his hand, its bitterness and saltiness making his heart ache once more.

Shang Jing was thrown into another moment of speechlessness. Quietly lifting the covers, he steadfastly wrapped himself in it.

He Jiang, too, wanted to follow suit. But seeing the moist patch on his chest, he decided to change into his pajamas before doing so.

As he lifted the covers, pulled the shy Puppy Shang towards him and tugged him snugly into his embrace, he asked, “Tell me what exactly happened.”

Shang Jing was already beyond embarrassed. His fair and supple feet tensed up and rubbed against the bed sheets while his face burned a bright red. “What do you mean what happened? Stop making fun of me. I’ve already learnt my lesson, the next time someone tells me you…”

Shang Jing stopped mid-sentence and did not continue.

He Jiang: “Let me in on the details. It will help me gather more information on the scammer so Lin Lin can make a police report.”

Shang Jing: “Nothing much happened. You did not return after an hour and I received a call from someone saying you were caught in an accident and was receiving emergency treatment. The person requested me to transfer money to the hospital and the amount I transfer will determine the quality of your treatment.”

He Jiang: “Did he mention my name?”

Shang Jing: “Of course he did! But his accent did sound a little weird.”

However, China is so big and diverse, it would not be right to discriminate against the hospital staff simply because of his foreign accent.

He Jiang frowned. He was not Shang Jing’s legally-wedded husband so why would there be such scam calls?

He analyzed, “There could be an information leak. It’s possible your contact list has been hacked or did you offer your personal information somewhere? There are alot of websites nowadays used to collect the personal information of others, like those websites requiring you to fill in you and your husband’s name and telephone number to test your compatibility or join a lucky draw.”

Shang Jing: “...”

Does that mean I used to leave clues of He Jiang being my husband around?

Am I really that fond of showing off?

That being said, He Jiang chuckled as the image of Puppy Shang typing both of their names into a scam website to test their marriage compatibility played in his mind. The excitement and adrenaline was even enough to power him through ten rounds of running around the track right this moment.

And He Jiang’s fantasy did not escape Shang Jing’s eyes. What made it worse was that he could not confidently say he did not do such a thing.

Ah! I’m such an embarrassment!

“No hospital will ask for up-front payment for emergency treatments. Those who do are all scammers.”

Since Shang Jing just returned to the country not long ago and lost his memories, his understanding of such scam schemes should be minimal. As such, He Jiang felt the need to educate Shang Jing on it which led to the impromptu lesson on trending scam techniques by the film emperor for the next half an hour.

In gist, one should transfer money to strangers or give out your personal identification number.

Shang Jing was stunned.

In the meantime, his phone was taken away from He Jiang.

“Unlock it. I’ll download our national anti-scam center’s APP for you.”

There’s something that useful available?

Shang Jing unlocked his handphone screen without any hesitation.

But his eyes were swollen and sore from all the crying and could not stand the bright light coming from the screen. As he closed his eyes and took a rest, He Jiang promptly downloaded the anti-scam APP.

And while he was at it, he conveniently installed a tracking APP on the phone, linked it to his own phone and pulled the APP icon into a folder Shang Jing rarely utilized.

What if one day Shang Jing suddenly regained his memories and blacklisted me? 

This would help give him a clue on where to find the little rascal.

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