Chapter 37.4: Liar Liar Puppy Shang (4)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 37.4: Liar Liar Puppy Shang (4)

Before continuing, He Jiang smiled. “The game we were playing had an update that included the activation of an anti-addiction system. Anybody who is below 18 years old is only allowed access to the game from 7PM to 8PM daily.”

There is a 13 hour time difference between the US and China. The timing when Shang Jing could go online was exactly 8AM in China.

That was the timing when He Jiang just started work or was catching a wink after a night of filming.

Shang Jing had even lied to him saying he was busy with exams, that his fingers were tired after playing the piano, to justify the sudden reduction in their gaming time.

And he did not doubt him. There was one time he had two days of leave and Shang Jing approached him to tell him he could play a round with him at 8AM.

The second day, he set five alarms to wake himself, just so he could go online at 8AM.

Even though they agreed on only one round, Shang Jing’s poor control of the character and addiction towards the game pushed them to start a second round.

But when they were almost near the finishing line, Shang Jing was forcefully logged out.

At that time, Shang Jing had told him his internet was suddenly disconnected.

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And he had believed him, until he chanced upon a discussion between a few workers from his studio about the anti-addiction update. The worker mentioned that his teenage son had even swindled his grandmother’s ID to outsmart the anti-addiction settings.

He immediately asked Shang Jing whether they could play a round that night.

At first, Puppy Shang was full of excuses about why he could not make it but in the end, he admitted he was still underage based on his ID. He was still two days away from turning 18 and was expressing remorse for being caught.

He… Of course, he forgave him.

“After that, we developed feelings for each other and many things happened in between. To get to this point in our lives, it was truly not an easy feat.”

He Jiang lightly mentioned the ‘things’ that happened between them. They almost could not get together again.

Shang Jing was stunned. It was rare for He Jiang to mention their past. Is that really how they met?

I must have loved He Jiang to death to lie about my age.

With the interruption from He Jiang, the mission totally slipped out of Shang Jing’s mind. In the end, their team was placed last and a point was deducted from them.

Shang Jing was speechless.

Note to self: never mention age in front of He Jiang again.

This is so humiliating. To lie about my coming of age, that really something only an underage teenager will do!

Afraid he would have to do a self-reflection in front of the entire nation to discourage the teenagers watching the show from dating early, Shang Jing decided to slip into the washroom to hide.

It’s too shameful. Let the thick-skinned He Jiang do the self-reflection instead.

After knowing his story was broadcasted live, and the netizens were reacting positively, He Jiang regarded the camera confidently, “You just have to know how the nickname ‘Puppy Shang’ came about.”

“All of you are not allowed to call him that.”

“And don’t date early.”

After the live broadcast was turned off, Yang Yue came over to greet him. “The telling of the story was not bad.”

He Jiang: “In that case, should I tell you how Shang Jing almost spent 200k yuan for me last night?”

Yang Yue covered his ears. “Stop, it’s just 200k yuan. You’ve already filled me in on the details at 3AM last night! Can you have some pride?!”

He Jiang emphasized, “That’s all he owns.”

Yang Yue: “I know, I know… What I am curious about is that since the relationship between the both of you is so good, why did you break up three years ago? Is there some misunderstanding?”

He Jiang’s smile faltered.

It would be good if it truly was a misunderstanding.

“What has that got to do with you?”

Yang Yue: “...”

Keke, we’re best friends when you share about your loving moments and now that we’re talking about your break up, it’s none of my business?! What kind of friend are you?!

But he was now sure He Jiang was the one being dumped.

He Jiang leaned on the wall with his gaze lowered.

When his senior introduced him to Shang Jing, he had made it clear that he would only be a practice couple with Shang Jing. Everything they did would not be taken for real.

But as time passed, he started taking it seriously and thought Shang Jing did too. After all, their interaction was even more chummy than most married couples he saw.

Plus, he was a film emperor. Whether Shang Jing was acting or not, would he not be able to tell?

It was until he went to the States to expose his heart and got told to his face by Shang Jing that he was only looking for someone to date to practice his Chinese.

He had been scammed by his senior.

Puppy Shang was neither of legal age nor fluent in the Chinese language!

His senior had told him Shang Jing was satisfied with him after seeing an interview he did and was willing to explore the dating scene with him. It was considered a two-sided choice.

But it turned out, he was just satisfied with his voice and how good his pronunciation was. He was just an ideal conversation robot to him!

And that statement ‘My addiction is not strong, I just want to interact with you’ was the fucking truth!

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