Chapter 29.3: Genuine Records Of The Simp (3)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 29.3: Genuine Records Of The Simp (3)

Shang Jing finally understood why he was so confident in the two rounds he played some time back. He was using a new account and they were matching him with newbies who were still not familiar with the gameplay.

Whereas when he played under the guidance of He Jiang and reached a high level, they were constantly matched with strong players which resulted in the situation where he was often eliminated without even knowing how he died.

And that was still not the main point!

The main point was that he was so brutally made to face his own simping!

How could he simp over He Jiang so much? It was just good gameplay on He Jiang’s part.

It was even worse than the time he was made to read the diary. After all, the diary only recorded happenings in general without delving into their specifics or conversations.

Whereas in the game replays, there were conversations throughout. He was initially watching the videos in silence but started getting curious halfway through as to what they would say when they played together. And it was when he turned on the volume did he realize both of them had turned off all sound effects.

Which meant other than the gameplay, there was only the sound of the two of them speaking.

For example…

He Jiang: “A few teams chose this point as their landing spot. Later when you land, don’t pick up any guns, jump into a car with me to switch locations.”

Shang Jing: “Ok!”

After they landed, he immediately hopped into a car as per He Jiang instructions.

He Jiang shouted, “Get out of the car now! Can you fucking look at who’s driving the car?!”

Shang Jing: “I’m sorry, I thought it was you!”

He then jumped out of the opposing team’s car and fell on his head, reducing his life points down to a critically low state.

Shang Jing crossed his arms. “Hmph.” What the hell, was it his fault for getting in a car immediately after landing? It was obviously He Jaing’s fault for failing to secure the car nearest to him.

Another example was…

He Jiang: “I have a night shoot today and can only play a round with you.”

Shang Jing lamented, “That’s too little. What if I die right after the game starts?”

He Jiang mocked, “You’re a noob with a huge addiction.”

Shang Jing answered sincerely, “My addiction is not strong. I just want to interact with you more.”

He Jiang: “...”

Shang Jing was beyond fuming. He squatted on the chair and continued watching with puffed out cheeks.

How could he say such things? That was not like him.

One more example…

He Jiang: “Are you an idiot?! Why did you fill your bag with fuel tanks!”

Shang Jing: “We didn’t have enough fuel for the car chase last round so I brought more this round.”

He Jiang: “That’s true. The bride only needs to stay in the car. There’s no need for ammo.”

Shang Jing asked in a puzzled voice, “Big brother, are you scolding me?”

He Jiang: “I am praising you.”

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Shang Jing: “It’s alright, you can scold me more. I love being scolded by you, you have such a nice voice.”

Shang Jing’s eyebrows squeezed together.

In the living room.

He Jiang was done with his shower and seeing the door to the study room still closed, he decided to warm a cup of milk on the stove.

He had been wanting to show Shang Jing these videos since a long time ago to stimulate his brain and help with his recovery.

But considering his hot temper and the mockeries littered throughout the games, he had decided against it, fearing it would worsen Shang Jing’s impression of him.

But with Shang Jing determined pestering today, he had no choice but to hand them over with a clench of his teeth.

Moreover, regardless of the result, it was something he had to face sooner or later.

Plus, this was a good opportunity for him to get back at Shang Jing for being a pain-in-the-ass ever since he came back.

Three years ago, he had recorded all their interactions without much thought. After they broke up, he got a ‘crystal casket’ for the U Drive. He had never thought this day would come where he would activate the U Drive again.

He Jiang knocked on the study room door with a cup of warmed milk and heard the soft sounds of conversation inside.

He grimaced. Of course, Shang Jing would not watch the videos in silence as promised, even with the risk of him losing sleep.

The good thing was that he, too, turned off all sound effects after finding out Shang Jing’s condition, and these videos were recorded after he developed that habit.

Shang Jing jumped off the chair to get the door. Seeing He Jiang’s face, he immediately berated, “In just this short while, I’ve heard you scold me stupid 16 times.”

He Jiang replied calmly, “I’m sure you didn’t watch the earlier videos. Why don’t you count the times you call me Hubby?”

Shang Jing: “...” Just forget about it!

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