Chapter 29.2: Genuine Records Of The Simp (2)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 29.2: Genuine Records Of The Simp (2)

Shang Jing spent the day studying the box. He even resorted to the use of a magnifying glass to find any crack or opening he could work on.

He believed the box used a combination of exquisite craftsmanship and a mortise and tenon structure to create its perfectly sealed appearance. After all, there were some experienced artisans who could slice objects and reassemble them in a way that was so perfect, a normal person could never tell with their naked eye.

The more he studied it, the more he felt the urge to break it with a hammer and clone the U Disk before He Jiang returned. But the box was too exquisite. What if He Jiang demanded payment from him?

Later in the day, at 9PM, He Jiang returned home from a busy day at work. At the entrance where he changed his shoes sat Shang Jing who had the crystal box in his hands.

“Have you had dinner?”

“Yes,” Shang Jing answered. He had been gearing up for a physical fight all day and trying to maintain peak performance, just in case a fight broke out and he had to snatch the box back.

He Jiang laughed, “Are you that excited to watch your own video?”

Shang Jing: “Just open it, stop wasting time.”

He Jiang: “Can you describe the scene you remembered? I’ll see if it coincides with the video.”

Shang Jing’s ears turned red. With as much anger as he could muster, he roared at him, “Don’t try to change the subject.”

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He Jiang was curious, if he was not the gentleman he was and acted the way he did in puppy Shang’s dream, would he have already gotten what he wanted long ago?

He brought Shang Jing to his study. The computer was already on and was waiting for the U Disk.

He sat down in front of it and instructed, “Bring me a hammer.”

Shang Jing: ???

With a huff, he trudged into his bedroom and pulled out the hammer from under his bed. Then, without any change in expression, he handed it to He Jiang.

He Jiang: “I believe you didn’t go to the storeroom?”

Shang Jing growled satisfactorily, “Yes, I’ve hid it under my bed.”

He Jiang: “...”

Cracking the crystal with the hammer, he poured out the U Disk inside and plugged it into the computer.

Ding dong! Connected.

Shang Jing stared at the window explorer. What the hell, the storage space indicator showed:

20G used out of 36G total.

If each HD video was forty minutes long, there would be at least a hundred episodes in there! If it were a family drama, they would be able to feature all three generations!

“Are you a pervert?!” Shang Jing blushed. Grabbing the hammer, he banged it against the table. “I’m sure you’re the one who needs counseling from Jiang Wen!”

What is wrong with him?!

If we filmed an episode once every three days, we would have to film it without break for an entire year!

Are his kidneys that good?

Or should I say he’s truly a film emperor and was born to be under camera lenses?

I want a divorce!

He Jiang received the scoldings with a poker face then opened the video player nonchalantly. “You’re overthinking things. What do you exactly remember, describe it in detail, I’ll find it for you.”

Find your head! How can I watch such videos together with you?!

Shang Jing was not thick-skinned enough to do that. Throwing away the hammer, he expended all his strength to push He Jiang out the door.

“I’ll watch them myself.”

He Jiang suppressed his rising amusement and answered, “Sure. I’ll go take a shower first, just call out if you need anything.”

Shang Jing: “Do as you please.”

He Jiang: “Remember to turn off the volume. It’s already late at night and the sounds are a little…”

Shang Jing blushed once again and brushed him off impatiently, “Got it!”

How could He Jiang talk about this matter so calmly?

That was something he could never do. Just look at the skin on his face, it was already stretched so thin, it was about to break.

Shang Jing locked the study room from inside and took ten deep breaths before positioning himself in front of the computer and called out the U Disk file explorer to the front.

A list of dates appeared with the earliest of them being three years ago. They were all categorized by the dates they were created and were not given any special names.

He heaved a sigh of relief. At the very least, the part up to now was still not that perverted yet. If He Jiang used position names or things they wore to name the files, he would be looking for a knife now to rid the world of a menace.

Shang Jing decreased the system volume to its minimum and clicked on one of the video files.

Ten minutes later, he numbly clicked on another one.

Five minutes later, he clicked on another one.

Half an hour later, Shang Jing could confirm all the videos in there were all similar in nature and could be called 《Collection of He Jiang’s superb play》 … or 《Creative ways for Shang Jing to die》.

The temperature in his face did not decrease and instead increased!

He was undoubtedly a noob.

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