Chapter 29.1: Genuine Records Of The Simp (1)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 29.1: Genuine Records Of The Simp (1)

Seeing He Jiang not saying anything, Shang Jing thought he was gaining the upper hand. Stretching out a hand, he demanded, “I’m sure you don’t have anything else to say. Hand it over.”

Slapping his hand away, He Jiang encircled his arms around Shang Jing’s waist and pulled him in for a kiss.

Unlike the peck on the side of the lips at the hotel, this kiss was long and deep.

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Like a kitten being grabbed by its back, Shang Jing leaned into He Jiang’s arms limply, like he could be easily controlled and manipulated, like he could be brought anywhere without any resistance.

The kiss lasted for ten whole seconds before a mild pain on his lips brought Shang Jing back to his senses. The pain was like a large boulder being tossed from up high onto the frozen surface of the lake that was his eyes, bringing on a strong collision impact that cracked the surface, allowing the warm and clear lake water to slowly seep through and form a thin layer above.

“Uwu…” Shang Jing tried to push He Jiang away but with the strength seeping out from his body, his efforts were futile.

Grabbing his arm, He Jiang pulled Shang Jing even closer towards him and guided him to encircle his arms around his waist. As the kiss went on, Shang Jing felt his strength faltering more and more and his waist and legs started to give way.

To prevent himself from falling, he followed He Jiang’s guide and wrapped his arms around his waist, effectively deepening the kiss.

Fireworks exploded one after another inside his mind as the dream he had last night flashed by. As the two images slowly converged, they became an image of a large plane tree with golden leaves.

Under the plane tree, dead leaves littered the ground and He Jiang was kissing him, but left without turning back right after.


The betrayal injected some strength back into Shang Jing. Concentrating them into his fingers, he positioned them on He Jiang’s waist and cruelly pinched him.

He Jiang immediately caught his hands and let go of him. There was still a lingering unsatisfied longing in his eyes.

He looked into Shang Jing’s watery eyes and forcefully suppressed his urge. “Are your hands in pain?”

Shang Jing shook his fingers to lessen the pressure and pain. The douchebag’s abs were too strong and it took all of his strength just to pinch him.

Throwing He Jiang a dirty glare, he quickly retreated backwards towards the window. His heart was beating so hard, he could not hear his breathing, but there was not much shock in his expression.

He was, after all, a mature and experienced adult male, what was there to be afraid of?

But this lawfully wedded husband status was a big headache. Sooner or later, he would terminate the status by getting a divorce.

Other than being kissed physically, the image of their previous kissing experiences replaying in his mind made him feel like he was being taken advantage of by He Jiang both internally and externally.

Uwu… I should stop thinking about it.

Sucking back his humiliation, Shang Jing pointed at the safe. “Open that for me.”

He Jiang stood there and breathed in the cold air coming in from the window for a minute to rearrange his thoughts before walking over to the safe to scan his fingerprint and key in the password. It was a two-factor authentication system. Di-da! The safe was open.

Shang Jing rushed over and, half-kneeling by the safe, started going through the items in it without any hesitation.

Housing deed, housing deed, educational certificate…

He Jiang immediately stopped Shang Jing, for fear he would remember their wedding certificate while going through them.

Shang Jing squinted his eyes.

He’s not letting me go through his documents? Is he keeping some secret from me?

An idea flashed past in his head. He pulled out He Jiang’s testamur from the pile.

Douchebag, let me take a look at what you majored in.

He arranged a smirk on his face, ready to mock He Jiang. But the moment he turned the certificate over, the smile on his face faded away.

It was a Bachelor of Law certificate from a prestigious university.

Shang Jing's vision turned black.

How could that be? Do I still have any chance in getting my fair share in our divorce settlement?

Is there also a prenuptial agreement here?

He wanted to continue flipping through the pile but was once again stopped by He Jiang who grabbed his wrist. “Stop looking, it’s here.”

He Jiang took out a palm-size transparent box. From its appearance, it could either be crystal or glass but nonetheless, it was a posh-looking box, and in there sat a U disk.

Handing the U disk to him, he said, “I’ll tell you how to open it after I come back tonight. Wait for me.”

Shang Jing fiddled with the box but it was sealed tightly in all corners,

So we did film a home video and he did keep it in the safe. He Jiang is such a scheming guy! Luckily I saw through his scheme earlier.

Next, He Jiang grabbed the documents he came back for and left the room in a hurry, as though he was escaping from a ferocious beast. He was afraid if he stayed with Shang Jing for another second, he would not be able to stop himself from coaxing him into doing something else.

The lad has yet to regain his memories so any actions beyond the norm were unacceptable.

He started his car and took a deep breath. Even puppy Shang has the courage to dream about sex while he could only watch.

“Always running away after kissing me. What a douche,” Shang Jing chided under his breath.

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