Chapter 30.1: “Call Me Hubby” Remembrance Of The Past (1)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 30.1: “Call Me Hubby” Remembrance Of The Past (1)

From Shang Jing’s reaction, He Jiang knew the lad had not only not watched much of the videos, they had done little to trigger the recovery of his memories. After all, he has yet to remember how reluctant he was to call him ‘Hubby’ three years ago despite his lack of aversion to calling him ‘Big Brother’.

The only thing that surprised him was how calm Shang Jing was after listening to all the harsh words he spoke to him in the videos. That was not in line with his current difficult character.

But what he did not know was that his image in Shang Jing’s heart was already at its lowest point before the videos, and that Shang Jing was more caught up and angry over his own simping behavior than his quips.

Who else could Shang Jing blame except for himself?

Shang Jing: “Play a round of PUBG with me and I’ll forgive you for calling me stupid.”

After watching the game replays, he could understand the admiration a noob has towards a pro-gamer and wanted to experience a round with He Jiang himself.

Even though He Jiang scolded me throughout the matches, he was actually protecting me! 

And whenever I got eliminated, he would follow suit without batting an eye and start a new match with me.

Shang Jing’s sudden request stunned He Jiang. It had been three years since he last played games. Thinking it was a good opportunity for him to redeem his image in front of Shang Jing, he agreed and logged into the account he used previously but was quickly stunned again by Shang Jing’s darkened display in his friends list.

Without further ado, he sent Shang Jing a new friend request at his new number.

But the little action did not go unnoticed by Shang Jing who was resting his head on his shoulder to look at his screen without realizing how intimate the action was. The moment He Jiang opened his friends list, his eagle eyes had caught sight of his past account. It was an account he would recognise from anywhere after seeing it appear so frequently in the videos.

He reached out and clicked on the character profile details.

Rank tier: Crown.

That was a level he could never hope to reach in his current state.

Looking further into the match reports, he noticed the last match he was in was ranked B (the lowest) with the score of -22 which meant he died right after the match started while the rest of the match results were positive with a minimum rank of A.

Curiosity blossomed in Shang Jing’s mind.

Search Hosted Novel for the original.

What happened in that last match? Did I get so demoralized from losing so many points to the point of uninstalling?

That couldn’t be. I couldn’t have been that weak. 

In a flash, Shang Jing returned to He Jiang’s main page to check He Jiang’s match report. In the last match he was in, his score was -28, a score worse than his. Seemed like they had played the match together.

He mocked, “That’s your so-called technique? Dying upon landing? Even landing in the sea wouldn’t result in that.”

He Jiang’s thoughts were still stuck on Shang Jing’s past match results.

He did not expect the game addict to uninstall the game like him after their break up.

When I buried the game replays together with my love, Shang Jing, too, uninstalled the game…

And it was done so cleanly too. Not even a single match after the one we played together…

Now that the truth laid bare in front of him, it felt like a mockery.

Could Shang Jing's claim of not having a strong game addiction been the truth all along?

Shang Jing piped up, “Forget it, I don’t mind you being a noob. After all, everyone has times where they slip up.”

He Jiang turned his head to look at him. “Seems like your amnesia is really thorough.”

What do you mean slip up? There’s no room for question about your husband’s ability.

Shang Jing: “What, are you blaming me?”

He Jiang decided to refresh his memory. “In that round, both of us landed near the nuclear power plant. I have just picked up an AKM and was aiming for the sniper on the roof when I heard gunshots.”

Shang Jing: “The other party got you first? Then I died right after?”

He Jiang looked at him quietly. “It seems that way on the surface.”

After a moment of thought, Idiot Shang asked, “Wait, both of us turned off sound effects so where did those sounds come from?”

He Jiang: “They were coming from your side, in real time.”

The moment he heard them, his first reaction was to ask Shang Jing whether the gunshots sounded far or near.

Who would still care about the game at such a trying time?

Shang Jing mentioned they were close by and sounded like they came from right beneath his dormitory block, and went offline soon after. But the shakiness in his voice did not go unnoticed.

The only thing he could do then was to console him and remind him to lock his door and windows immediately, and to stay away from the windows, then get Lin Lin to book him a flight to the US.

Fortunately, right before he got on the plane, he received news that the suspect had been detained and order was returned to the campus. Since he was slated to appear live on the New Year Gala in a short moment, Lin Lin had begged him to stay and only make his way there the next day.

But He Jiang did not care. Shang Jing developed the problem of losing sleep whenever he heard gunshots after going through a school shooting when he was young, and he was worried the incident might worsen his condition.

For the first time in his life, he was hell bent on playing hooky. “The reason why Shang Jing suffered from much mental trauma last time was because there was no one there for him when the incident happened. So how could I leave him in the lurch now? I’ve already contacted Jiang Wen who is in the US. I’m fine with any airlines, I want to get there right this second.”

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