Chapter 28.2: HD Home Video (2)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 28.2: HD Home Video (2)


Shang Jing rolled off the bed and woke up in shock.

Was that a dream?

That was way too realistic.

Wait… What kind of dream was that?

As the memories of the dream replayed in his mind, a blush tainted his cheeks.

What happened in my dream does not count. It’s all He Jiang’s fault for mentioning something about filming or not earlier in the day, I have nothing to do with it.

Shang Jing consoled himself as he got up from the floor.

Suddenly, he froze.

After a few seconds, he rushed into the bathroom and locked the door.

Approximately 25 minutes later, Shang Jing splashed cold water onto his face in an attempt to put out the fire in him.

It was only 6.50AM, He Jiang should still be asleep. Like a thief, he sneaked out into the balcony with his newly washed underwear to dry it.

But just as he was about to hang it up onto the drying rack, a ruffling sounded from behind him.

He Jiang’s voice was hoarse and thick with sleepiness as he asked, “What are you doing?”

“Nothing…” Shang Jing quickly stuffed the underwear back into his pocket and turned around naturally. “Why are you up so early?”

He Jiang poured some hot water into his cup. ‘“I have some work scheduled today. I’ll be leaving soon.”

“Oh… You’re such a busy man.” Shang Jing pressed on the bump in his pocket with his palm and walked past He Jiang with as much calmness as he could muster. He continued, “The weather looks good, I’ll go for a run.”

And off he went, leaving nothing in his wake.

400 meters away, after ensuring the house was out of sight from every angle, he approached a rubbish bin carefully, ready to get rid of the evidence.

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It was no longer safe to dry his underwear at home.

But even after standing by the bin for a while, he still could not get past his embarrassment and muster up the courage to take out the wrung-dried underwear from his pocket.

Will I be treated as a pervert by the cleaning lady for throwing out my underwear so early in the morning?

Even though the cleaning lady will not know who the culprit is.

Thus, resulting in the scene where he visited three rubbish bins and still did not manage to dispose of it.

The cleaning ladies in this neighborhood were truly meticulous. Every single one of those rubbish bins he visited were cleaned thoroughly, such that there was not even a single shred of paper in them. In this case, how was he supposed to carry out the act?

Moreover, in the time he spent procrastinating, he was greeted by a few neighbors who were out for a run and all he could do was just return a ‘Good morning’ with his burning red cheeks.

He felt like a pervert.

Finally, he could take it no longer and ran back to the house, but He Jiang was still around.

In an attempt to not alert He Jiang, he tip-toed back to his room and pushed the now-warm underwear to the back of his closet.

I’ll figure it out after He Jiang leaves.

With the content of the dream still fresh in his mind, seeing He Jiang’s face was nearly impossible for him. He stuck his ear up on the door to monitor the situation outside.

He Jiang was on the phone, presumably with Lin Lin. “Mm, I’m about to leave the house and will arrive in half an hour… Send a copy of today’s film script to me via WeChat.”

Film… Film… 

Shang Jing’s eyes widened in shock as he jolted out of his position and nearly hit his head against the door.

Wait a minute… 

When He Jiang said ‘Ours is better’ yesterday… 

D-Does that mean we really did film such videos in the past?

Right, with my past simp characteristics, I wouldn’t put it past myself to agree to anything He Jiang asks me to do.

It’s no wonder He Jiang could treat me, his wife, so coldly without fearing the possibility of me being pushed over the wall and exposing his ways.

Turns out, he has such a card up his sleeve!

Shang Jing gripped the door handle tightly. All the dots were now connected and the questions he had ever since he lost his memories were now answered.

So… Last night, was my dream really a dream?

It was so realistic, like it really did happen before in the past!

Why would a normal man like me have such dreams, it must be fragments of my past.

Plus, I’m about to get a divorce, why would I fantasize about that douchebag…

After recounting the events in his dreams again with much embarrassment, Shang Jing was sure the camera lens was pointing at the both of them. That meant He Jiang was also included in that little home video. If only he could find the original copy. Regardless of whether He Jiang has copies or not, the leverage He Jiang has on him would naturally disappear and he could avoid being in such a disadvantaged position in the divorce talks.

Where would He Jiang put such private items? Could it be at home? Before I moved in, He Jiang was the only one living here and was definitely more secure than the studio.

The study is open for use for the both of us so it cannot be there.

Shang Jing was familiar with everywhere in the house except for one area.

He Jiang’s bedroom.

Whenever He Jiang left the house, he would lock his bedroom door. And it would not be right for Shang Jing to enter his room without any rhyme or reason when he was home.

I have to think of a way to get in there and have a look.

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