Chapter 28.1: HD Home Video (1)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 28.1: HD Home Video (1)

Shang Jing’s fingers tightened around the mug as the world spun around him.

As he stood there in front of He Jiang, he could not help thinking those dark eyes of his were the most powerful camera lenses in the world, capturing every little tiny reaction of his. Even the little current that came with his words was duly captured as it traveled down his spine and left a path of itch.

What a gangster! Stop staring at me!

With a thump, Shang Jing placed the cup of Pu Erh tea on He Jiang’s table and ran out of the room, his face as red as it could be.

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He Jiang was not sure whether he had gone overboard, but there was no way for him to retract his words when they were already out. Regardless, in Shang Jing’s world, they were a legally wedded couple, a joke like this was not against the law.

Plus, there were just words. What more could he have done?

He picked up the cup of Pu Erh tea and took a sip to calm the desert in his throat. But the tea was scalding hot. He took deep breaths to cool his scalded tongue.

I haven’t even done anything. Just a little tease and I’m facing retribution?

Immediately, He Jiang’s impression of the video Yang Yue sent hit rock bottom. It was as though Yang Yue was mocking him.

Returning back to the chat with Yang Yue, he replied: 【Learn from it yourself.】

What rubbish are you sending me? It’s not even artistic. I have a boyfriend, why would I want to watch others doing the deed?

Yang Yue: 【What an ingrate.】

He had chanced upon the clip while surfing the net in his free time. A blogger was asking for recommendations of such video tutorials and his fans were passionately recommending them to him.

It was truly an eye opener to a straight man like him.

With two of his buddies going down the path of no return and may be lacking in technical knowledge in mind, he painstakingly downloaded the video like an old auntie and sent it to them

I should just mind my own business!

Yang Yue: 【Is Cen Feinuo still participating in the next segment of the show?】

It was easy to replace couples-in-training. All they have to do is to change the show’s model to showcase a new couple-in-training for every new segment. Moreover, Cen Feinuo, Yang Yue and Zhuang Qin could all be considered He Jiang’s special guests and were part of the ‘favors’ He Jiang had invested into the show.

He Jiang: 【He has 1 week. If he can’t get Zhuang Qin to face him, he should just say goodbye to romance in this life.】

Yang Yue: 【That’s true. I’ve sent him the video too. But unlike a certain prideful someone, he has not only accepted it but also thanked me… It will be interesting if he gets married before you.】

He Jiang clicked on the message and deleted it.

He Jiang: 【Forget about having a girlfriend, someone doesn’t even have a girlfriend-fan.】

It was still unknown where the ‘Yang Yue’s fiance’ in Shang Jing’s group chat came from.

Yang Yue: 【...】

Why do netizens like to play the role of my mother? Where are my girlfriend-fans?

At 5PM, the doorbell rang just as He Jiang was finishing up his work, the ingredients he ordered were here.

After constantly being compared to Cen Feinuo by Shang Jing, he was determined to make a perfect bowl of Sauerkraut Fish that reigns over the one Cen Feinuo made. He even sought the help of their family cook who helped him customize a recipe after studying Shang Jing’s tastes.

He Jiang looked at the printed recipe in silence for three minutes, folded it up neatly and placed it in his pocket. It was time to start cooking. He put on an apron and took out the sliced mullet from one of the plastic bags.

Silence ensued once again.

Finally, he went back into his study room to get a handphone support. Securing it onto the overhead cabinet with his phone camera pointing directly at the pot, he video-called the family cook.

“Marinate the fish. Cooking wine… That’s enough. Now, add some salt, one teaspoon, two teaspoons, stop… Whisk some egg whites, break the egg shell by tapping it against the edge of the pot…”

He Jiang followed every instruction given and executed them religiously.

Meanwhile, Shang Jing had been up on the third floor all afternoon, practicing the piano, and was already flat with hunger. Feeling the sore in his fingers, he decided to call it a day and sat there in silence to enjoy the beautiful view of the sunset. After that, he slipped the piano cloth over the keys and headed downstairs while massaging his finger joints.

The door to the piano room had been replaced with a soundproofing door since they got the piano, and apparently, it was great at compartmentalizing smells too.

As such, the smell of the Sauerkraut Fish only hit Shang Jing after he opened the door. The smell was so strong and tantalizing, he could already taste the savory rich soup, the fresh and crisp spring onions, the bright red chili padis, and all the goodness in it… kombu, beansprouts, cauliflower, tofu…

Shang Jing steps quickened by three-folds down the stairs. “Wow, that smells so good. Which shop did you get it from?”

It was no wonder Shang Jing asked that question, the messed up kitchen was already back in its pristine condition with the trash emptied. In the middle of it was He Jiang scooping out two bowls of glistening fat grains of rice. From his graceful demeanor, one would never associate housework with him.

Only when He Jiang turned towards Shang Jing with the bowls of rice did Shang Jing notice the apron tied around his waist.

It was undeniable this man could really rock the apron-business-wear-look.

Handsome and homely. It was the perfect husband image.

Shang Jing received one of the bowls with both hands and asked incredulously, “You made these?”

He Jiang removed his apron with ease and conveniently placed it beside him. “Mm.”

Shang Jing: “That’s impressive.”

My efforts at being difficult are so effective, He Jiang can even cook now.

If I persist, will He Jiang enroll into a male morals class on his own accord?

With nonchalance in his voice, He Jiang asked, “How does it compare to the one Cen Feinuo made?”

Shang Jing: “Cen Feinuo made the dish based on Zhuang Qin’s preference. It was a little too spicy for me. I like the one you made more, it’s not spicy at all.”

He Jiang celebrated internally and opened a bottle of fruit wine with low alcohol content and poured a cup for Shang Jing.

A crisp white shirt, long and slender fingers, coupled with the fragrance of the fruit wine, it was a scene to behold.

Shang Jing stared at He Jiang in a daze. It was as though the person standing in front of him was not someone he knew.

This feels like a scene out of a teenage idol drama.

He had not even sipped the wine yet and his heart was beating out of his chest.

In a bid to calm himself, he tightened his fingers around the table cloth.

Is that how He Jiang tricked me into getting married to him? And is that how I managed to withstand an entire year of pitiful marriage life?

Doing good for no reason, he must be up to something. Maybe the overwhelming reception of the variety show has opened his eyes to the lucrativeness of operating as a couple and he’s not willing to dissolve our bond?

Shang Jing thought about the mountains of praises the netizens had for He Jiang and could not help lamenting about the ‘fact’ that the truth was only known to a few and how hard it was being one of them.

But he could not deny He Jiang’s charm had a certain effect on him. As such, he decided to say something to destroy the mood.

“Why are your clothes so clean after preparing so much food? Are you sure you’re not lying to me?”

The shirtsleeves were free of wrinkles and did not have a single drop of oil stain. As a fellow newcomer to cooking, Shang Jing did not believe He Jiang was that capable.

The image of his destroyed clothes in the trash bin came to He Jiang’s mind. Calmly, he answered, “I changed my clothes.”

Shang Jing: “What about the apron? Why is it so clean?”

He Jiang: “I changed my apron too.”

Shang Jing was puzzled. “Why did you do that?”

He Jiang: “It’s candy for your eyes, do you still have any questions?”

Shang Jing: “...” He was sure that if he continued to dig deeper into the issue, He Jiang would unabashedly claim to have changed into a new set of clothes to seduce him.

He quickly downed his cup of fruit wine to calm his nerves but it did nothing to reduce the redness in his cheeks throughout the entire dinner.

Under the dim lighting of the study room, a man could be seen staring at the computer screen. His arms were nonchalantly propped up on the table, showing sections of his arms where his sleeves were neatly folded three times up a third of his arms.

As he approached him, the man looked over. His eyes were filled with predatory intent…

“Can I film you?” The man’s hands slowly slipped beneath his clothes…

“N-No!” Shang Jing’s back was pressed against the wide tabletop as he stared at his unkempt posture from the reflection in the glass of red wine the man was swirling in his hand.

As the red light on the camera blinked, red wine trickled down his body, dyeing his shirt red, and the documents on the table scattered all over the floor…

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