Chapter 28.3: HD Home Video (3)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 28.3: HD Home Video (3)

The sound of He Jiang packing his stuff sounded from the other side of the door and an inspiration hit him.

I can just sneak in!

He could sneak in before He Jiang left for work, take the day to search and move everything back to its original place, and leave before He Jiang got back. As long as he brought sufficient food in for the day, there would be no problem, especially since there was an en-suite toilet. And if there was no way to unlock the door from the inside, he could wait for He Jiang to return from work and open the door then find a way to sneak out secretly.

There was no room for hesitation.

Shang Jing took out his shoes and grabbed two loaves of bread. Sticking close to the wall, he ran up the stairs to the second level. He Jiang was currently in the study room and his bedroom door was open.

In a flash, Shang Jing disappeared from the entrance of the stairs.

Just then, He Jiang emerged from the study with a few contracts in hand. Noticing his bedroom door open, he reached out to close it.

Ever since Shang Jing accidentally let loose those crabs in the house and made him look for them, he had an urge to close every single open door he sees in case some small animal decides to hide in there.

If the door was closed from the outside, the door would auto-lock itself and only his fingerprints could unlock it.

And if it was closed from the inside, it would mean he was still in there and the door would not auto-lock itself, making it convenient for Shang Jing to look for him when he was in there.

When Shang Jing first moved in, he had allowed him access to all three levels of the mansion except for his room.

That was purely because there were some old keepsakes he kept in the room that he wanted to hide from Shang Jing, just in case this ex-boyfriend of his mocks him.

But as time passed, he had given up on locking his bedroom. After all, there was nothing to hide after making up his mind to reconcile his relationship with Shang Jing.

But the change was not made known to the latter. Ever since he realized He Jiang’s bedroom was the only room off-limits in the house, he had never tried to enter when He Jiang was away.

Shang Jing watched He Jiang’s car pull out of the driveway from behind the curtains and let out a sigh of relief. Placing the two loaves of bread on the bedside table, he commenced his search, starting from the bedside cabinets.

In the left cabinet, there were only movie scripts, flu medicines and some miscellaneous items. In the bottom drawer of the right cabinet, there was a down-facing photo frame.

Shang Jing picked it up and his pupils immediately diluted upon seeing the subject in the photo.

It was a photo of him!

Or rather, it was a photo of him from a few years ago. In the photo, he was sitting on a grass patch in front of a building that resembled a school and had a book in his hand as he smiled at the camera.

Shang Jing wiped the photo and petulantly placed it on the table at the head of the bed.

That’s too much. Your wife is still alive and you are leaving the photo facing down.

He looked at his photo on the table and raised his eyebrows. This was the right treatment for one’s lawfully wedded wife.

I’ll keep it back before I leave.

How pitiful.

After finding nothing in the bedside cabinets, he thought about it and laid flat on the floor to search for any trigger or switches under the bed.

Suddenly, the roar of a car engine approached the house and stopped in their driveway.

It’s He Jiang’s car!

Help! Why did he come back?!

Footsteps sound headed straight for the second floor, three steps at a time when he climbed the stairs. It was obvious he had forgotten something at home and was back to get it.

At this very moment, Shang Jing felt like a lone wolf in PUBG who was trapped in the upper floor of a small building while a car filled with members of an opposing team approached and stopped right below. Fear coursed through him. He could not even take a step from where he was for fear his footsteps would draw the attention of his opponents and bring about his downfall.

But he did not have a choice. Without thinking, he tried to squeeze himself into the crevice underneath the bed. But the bed was too low and there was no way he could fit in there. He quickly got up and turned his target towards the large cupboard opposite the bed. As he opened it, a safe fell into view. Without any hesitation, he squatted beside the safe and used He Jiang’s pajamas to conceal himself.

As he waited, he touched the metallic surface of the safe and felt his stomach fall.

He Jiang’s room was done up in a minimalistic style. Other than the two bedside cabinets, there was only the large cupboard with a safe inside. There was nowhere else he could hide things.

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And the USB was definitely in the safe. He was done for.

As expected, He Jiang was back for a document. He had reviewed it last night in his room and had forgotten to take it with him when he left. But when he entered the room, the feeling of something being off hit him.

The curtains were not in the position where he left it and the bed was also a little messy.

He Jiang approached the bed and touched the bedsheet on the right side. It was still a little warm which hinted at a strong possibility of someone sitting there for an extended period of time and just left.

Thinking back, he did not see Shang Jing on his way up. He must be hiding somewhere here.

After ensuring there was no one in the bathroom, he returned back into the room and stood in front of his cupboard.

With a frown, he ordered, “Come out.”

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