Chapter 27.2: How Could He Jiang Watch Such Stuff! (2)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 27.2: How Could He Jiang Watch Such Stuff! (2)

He Jiang took a quick look at Shang Jing and said, “We will rest for a week and then continue with filming but our schedule has been freed up on the 15th.”

“Mm,” Shang Jing acknowledged.

My efforts in trying to make his life difficult is useful after all. Just look at this douchebag reporting our work schedule on his own. It’s such a vast change from before I lost my memories.

He Jiang waited a few more seconds for Shang Jing to continue but was met with more silence. Clenching his teeth, he reminded, “Do you know what day the 15th is?”

Shang Jing blinked. The last four digits in his password surfaced in his mind.

He Jiang’s birthday is on the 15th of this month?

Why is he specially reminding me of that?

Shang Jing took in a sharp breath. The words in his diary written during the same period of time last year came to mind, ‘scrimp and save to buy Hubby a birthday present’.

Is he demanding a birthday present from me like the previous years? 

But I’ve only just saved some money and am in need of 50 million yuan to purchase my old family home!

Shang Jing: “Oh! It’s your birthday! I’ll allow you to eat an additional plate of dumplings on that day!”

He Jiang: “...”

He had specially halted filming for the variety show and refused other jobs just to free up his schedule on that day. His losses were worth more than a thousand plates of dumplings.

Even though birthday dumplings were good, humans are greedy. If Shang Jing’s dumplings were off limits on a usual day, he would gladly have them on his birthday.

However, if they were already having that on a normal day, it would seem insincere to serve him that on his birthday.

Plus, He Jiang was already feeling nervous since the incident with Zhuang Qin. What if Shang Jing decides to run away someday? He should deepen their relationship while he still can.

Even if they could not become real husbands overnight, was it too much to expect them to rely on one another comfortably?

Plus, one would only cherish after having worked for it, even if it meant sacrificing some money.

He Jiang returned to the conversation, “I’ve agreed to coming on a variety show with you, it’s only right for you to treat me to a meal at a Michelin 3 star restaurant, right?”

The Michelin 3 star restaurant was just a joke. As long as this little Puppy Shang was willing to bring him to a mildly reputable restaurant, he would definitely bear the bill.

Shang Jing looked at He Jiang incredulously. In a final ditch, he said, “My dumplings will not lose to the food made by any Michelin 3 star restaurant.”

He Jiang: “It’s indeed good, I can have them both.”

Shang Jing continued his struggle. To save money, he was forced to call on his coy wife alter ego. “I’ll cook you some longevity noodles and eggs.”

That tempted He Jiang but the thought of Shang Jing giving in just because he did not want to spend money on him threw him off. He maintained his stance. “I’ll have the noodles for breakfast, the 3 star Michelin restaurant for lunch and dumplings for dinner.”

Shang Jing leaned back on the car seat with anger and stuck his cheek against the leather.

You just can’t bear to see me save some money, can’t you?

It’s all my fault for letting you have your way in the past.

And if I knew this would happen, I'd never mention the dumplings and noodles and let this douchebag swindle two more meals out of me. 

“Fine,” Shang Jing agreed. After all, the variety show was still on-going and he was still relying on He Jiang to earn his living.

Turning to his side, he researched the average expense of each diner at the one and only 3 star Michelin restaurant in the city.

Plus, it was He Jiang’s birthday meal, it would be unpresentable if they ordered too little. Adding them all up, the bill would come up to be around 10 thousand yuan.

His old family home was 50 million yuan. With the 20 million yuan he earned from the variety show, he could only afford to pay the 40% down payment. After that, he would still have to scrimp and save to pay off the housing loan.

Without a stable job, he could only put his hopes on getting a good portion of He Jiang’s assets after their divorce to pay off the 30 million yuan.

I wonder how much I can get during the divorce.

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Moreover, the process of splitting assets for celebrities and famous people would usually drag on for years, especially if one party was less of a pushover.

But he could not delay his plans to buy the house. Not only would the price increase with time, someone could cut him to it. It would be impossible for him to know when the next owner would be willing to sell it.

It would be best for him to reserve it the moment he got the appearance fee from the variety show and deliberate his spendings wisely.

Next, Shang Jing typed ‘How to enjoy Michelin 3 star food with the least amount of money’. Lady luck must be smiling on him because there really was a way!

There was a video posted by a chef documenting his experience of getting Michelin 3 star food under 100 yuan.

With some doubt in his mind, he clicked on it and exited in a daze.

“Can we eat at home? I guarantee the quality will not be lower than Michelin 3 stars.”

He Jiang frowned. Remembering the results of Shang Jing cooking, he refused, “Are you thinking of cooking the meal yourself?

Shang Jing: “I’ll order the food from outside and we will have it at home. Isn’t it better to eat at home? We can drink some alcohol and not worry about driving.”

The mention of alcohol once again tempted He Jiang. This time, he caved in and agreed, “Ok.”

Having achieved his task, Shang Jing basked in happiness. “It’s settled then.”

How can a birthday meal do without a bottle of red wine? Plus, He Jiang must have certain expectations of standards towards wine. If they were to dine outside and open a 1982 bottle of red wine…

Dining at home was definitely better. They could just get the wine from the cellar and he could save some money.

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