Chapter 27.1: How Could He Jiang Watch Such Stuff! (1)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 27.1: How Could He Jiang Watch Such Stuff! (1)

He Jiang: “Your situation is not the same as his…”

Shang Jing: “What’s different?”

He Jiang: “Nothing. Have an early night. I’ll come fetch you tomorrow morning.”

Variety shows are traditionally filmed in segments. The filming in the hotel was only a part of it and the next part required them to move outdoors. The production team had chosen a scenic resort area suitable for weddings to be held.

Tomorrow, they were scheduled to film the conclusion of the hotel segment. The four teams would gather to play another game and share any thoughts they had over the past few days as well as dating tips they had. After that, they would head home and rest for a period of time.

But with the situation between Cen Feinuo and Zhuang Qin, He Jiang and the production team decided to cancel the shoot.

As for the upcoming outdoor shoot, whether Cen Feinuo and Zhuang Qin would still continue to appear as a couple or whether there would need to be a change of a guest or two would depend on the result of their discussion.

He Jiang hung up the phone and noticed Cen Feinuo still standing at the balcony with a lit cigarette.

“With Zhuang Qin gone, the cigarette comes out?”

“It was given by the assistant director, I didn’t take a puff.” Cen Feinuo extinguished the cigarette in the porcelain ashtray beside him. “If Zhuang Qin is unwilling to film the next segment for the variety show, I will pull out from the show together with him. As for whatever compensation we have to pay for annulling the contract, I am willing to pay both our share.”

He Jiang chuckled, “Where would I get the heart to receive compensation from you? It’s not a big deal whether you withdraw or not. What’s important is where your heart lies.”

He was rooting for Cen Feinuo to get together with Zhuang Qin successfully. On one hand, as a good friend, he hoped Cen Feinuo could find someone he could spend the rest of his life with. On the other hand… He hoped Zhuang Qin could be a good role model for Xiao Jing, especially since both of them were on such good terms.

Since it was impossible to escape Earth, one must learn to face their own heart with courage.

Cen Feinuo was still dressed to the highs in his tuxedo with his tie, buttons and leather shoes still in perfect condition.

It was his way of apologizing to Zhuang Qin after accidentally letting him see him naked.

But the mood had been off ever since he found Zhuang Qin on the rooftop. The latter had left with a reddened face and came back with swollen pink eyes, and did not even touch his favorite Sauerkraut Fish during dinner, opting to stick to his bowl of plain rice.

Needless to mention, there was a layer of desolation in his eyes that he tried to hide behind a forced smile.

Before he could have a serious talk with him, the situation with Shang Jing happened.

Zhuang Qin was known to be his fan, having mentioned it numerous times in public. Hence, it was not surprising for him to keep a side account to follow him, even as a girlfriend-fan.

The issue lies in him joining the same group chat as Shang Jing which elevated his actions from ‘using a side account to support my idol’ to ‘impersonating Cen Feinuo’s secret girlfriend and getting exposed in front of the person in question’.

Cen Feinuo stared at the night view from the hotel’s top floor. He sighed, “His acting is not good at all.”

Love, adoration, shyness, everything was written clearly in his eyes, and it was clear which emotion stood out more than the others.

He Jiang laughed, “If his acting is that bad, why do you praise him everyday?”

Cen Feinuo, “Improvement is worth praising.”

But ever since they started filming the variety show, Zhuang Qin seemed to have forgotten every acting tip he learnt from him during the filming of the drama. Not only did his acting not improve, it took a step back.

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Such that even Yang Yue could sense his deepest feelings and asked whether he could root for them, needless to say netizens were already crazy over them.

“Seems like your little friend turns red with a little teasing. How about it brother? Should I help you take him down during the filming?”

“Don’t bully him.”

If he knew Zhuang Qin harbored such feelings towards him, he would never invite him to be his practice-partner in this show.

It was just too informal and entertainment-based. It was like he was using Zhuang Qin’s feelings for profits.

He Jiang squinted his eyes. “Are you regretting your decision to come onto the show? Have you made up your mind to quit?”

Cen Feinuo smiled. “How could that be?”

The only regret he had was not giving Zhuang Qin a timely reply after noticing his feelings and depriving him of a genuine position in the group chat.

“If he was like Shang Jing, he wouldn’t have felt that awkward.”

He Jiang’s eyebrows shot up.

Then wouldn’t my wife be the only embarrassed one when he regains his memories?

It’s better this way. At the very least, that Puppy Shang will have someone to reference.

He Jiang patted Cen Feinuo’s shoulder.

Thank you for your partner’s sacrifice.

The next morning, He Jiang made his way to Zhuang Qin’s house to fetch Shang Jing. Together with him was Cen Feinuo whose spot in the car was duly replaced by Shang Jing upon reaching.

Shang Jing tightened his seatbelt with a frown on his face as he looked at Cen Feinuo standing in the lobby through the rearview mirror. Even as the car turned the corner, Cen Feinuo did not move.

It’s such a pity Cen Feinuo doesn’t partake in idol romance dramas. His own life is a perfect example.

He looked at the dark clouds in the sky and after much contemplation decided to send Zhuang Qin a text: 【It’s going to rain soon. Cen Feinuo is still standing outside your house.】

It was all his fault for confronting Cen Feinuo without getting his facts right. Not only did his actions not help the secret girlfriend, he had put Zhuang Qin in a spot.

Fine, they are the same person.

Shang Jing was not expecting a reply. But within a few seconds, Zhuang Qin’s texts flooded his inbox.

Zhuang Qin: 【You didn’t tell him I’m not home?】

Shang Jing: 【I did, he didn’t believe me.】

Zhuang Qin: 【What should I do? My food is going to arrive soon. My cover will be blown!】

Zhuang Qin: 【Cen Feinuo has abducted my food!】

Zhuang Qin: 【Cen Feinuo is calling out my name… I’ve been called out. I-I have to open the door now.】

Shang Jing: “...”

Why is Xiao Zhuang so afraid of Cen Feinuo? He’s not a discipline master.

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