Chapter 26.3: Escape Earth (3)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 26.3: Escape Earth (3)

Zhuang Qin and Shang Jing went to Zhuang Qin’s house and opened a can of beer each. After taking their time to deliberate their choices, they decided on letting Shang Jing reply: 【Someone used Cen Feinuo’s secret girlfriend’s name to borrow money from me and I was helping her stand up to the scammer and bring justice back to her.】

Yang Yue’s fiance: 【Oh, is that so? Take care.】

At the same time, He Jiang woke up the sleeping host, Yang Yue, for an interrogation.

Yang Yue could not even open his eyes. “What is it? It’s rare for us to get to sleep earlier.”

Cen Feinuo: “Do you have a fiance?”

Yang Yue: ???

He Jiang: “Think about it hard. Is there anyone who could fit the bill even in the slightest?”

They had initially intended to give Zhuang Qin some time to cool off and allowed Shang Jing to accompany him. But in the end, both of them refused to pick up their phone. As such, they could only start their investigative work from the third person in the chat group He Jiang saw.

Yang Yue: “Are both of you sick in the mind?”

Ever since the filming of the variety show commenced, he was led to believe brothers with boyfriends were not worth keeping, they would sell you out anytime they could to please their other halves.

He Jiang: “That means there’s no such person.”

“What exactly happened?” Yang Yue woke up with a start and cried out in shock, “Could it be that someone is pretending to be my fiance on the internet and even claimed to be carrying my child and is asking for alimony?”

Heaven can be my witness! I am still a virgin!

He Jiang: “What wishful thinking.”

Cen Feinuo: “Since two of the participants in the group chat are real, we can’t help being suspicious of you.”

He Jiang: “Seems like the third participant is just a normal fan.”

Yang Yue: “What kind of riddle is this?”

He Jiang was initially befuddled too. But he later recalled Shang Jing asking whether he could arrange a partner for Cen Feinuo, saying he met a female celebrity online who adored Cen Feinuo.

After asking Lin Lin about it, they had deemed it as a role-playing fan group that was common amongst the middle schoolers.

In conclusion, Zhuang Qin and Shang Jing had coincidentatlly joined the same group, and after Puppy Shang lost his memories, he believed the group to be real.

And the situation tonight happened because Zhuang Qin for some reason told the group he had broken up and Shang Jing decided to seek an explanation from Cen Feinuo, resulting in…

He Jiang licked his lips.

Turns out this Puppy Shang was not as cool as he seemed when we broke up. If not, why would he operate under the name ‘He Jiang’s wife’ to reminisce about our old times.

He Jiang’s current happiness level was no less than when he found out Shang Jing had saved his contact under the name ‘Hubby’.

Way to go, Puppy Shang.

On the other hand, Cen Feinuo did not have the privilege of being as happy as He Jiang. The image of Zhuang Qin’s usual reserved self danced in his head and as it transited into the defeated look on his face when the secret was exposed, he could not help feeling a twinge in his heart.

He wanted to tell Zhuang Qin, everyone is free to love whoever they want and his determination to hide it was something that deserved respect.

He also wanted to ask him whether he was willing to give him a chance.

In the end, he decided to contact Zhuang Qin’s manager to check on the possible locations he could be at.

Luckily, the manager had the GPS record of his sports car which showed its current location to be at Zhuang Qin’s house.

But the manager was still more biased towards Zhuang Qin. He said, “Zhuang Qin has liked you for a long time and has stayed away from your life. He only participated in this variety show because you invited him so please stay away from him for the time being. He will not be able to take such embarrassment.”

Cen Feinuo closed his eyes and answered with a sigh, “I understand.”

Shang Jing and Zhuang Qin drowned themselves with beer. Within the span of a few hours, four empty cans decorated the coffee table.

“It tastes terrible.”

Zhuang Qin turned to open a bottle of red wine but was stopped by Shang Jing. “Don’t waste the wine, you will still have to wake up tomorrow.”

Zhuang Qin agreed and put the bottle down. Instead, with much sadness, he picked up his phone and tapped some buttons. After a short moment, he mumbled, “It’s too late for that.”

Shang Jing was worried he would develop some unwanted thoughts and whipped out his phone from his pocket, ready to contact the others.

But as his phone screen brightened, a news notification popped out.

【Flaming hot news! Zhuang Qin donated 2 million yuan to China’s aerospace industry overnight!】

【Looking at the sky of stars, let’s uncover Zhuang Qin’s astronaut dream.】

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【The positive idol, Zhuang Qin: I want to be an astronaut.】

Shang Jing looked at his phone then at Zhuang Qin.

The media is really… 

Xiao Zhuang just wanted to escape Earth!

Shang Jing accompanied Zhuang Qin till he was fast asleep before picking up He Jiang’s call.

He Jiang was still in a fabulous mood and wanted to tease Shang Jing a little.

Shang Jing: “Zhuang Qin says he wants to withdraw from the variety show. Can you help reduce some of the compensation amount he has to pay?”

He Jiang felt like his head was about to crack. He had long since prepared a Plan B for when the variety show had to be canceled, especially since he did not know when Shang Jing would regain his memories and run away.

Lin Lin had called him crazy for letting Shang Jing have his way.

But little did he know, the couple to bail first was Cen Feinuo and Zhuang Qin whom he thought was the most stable.

He Jiang thought about the level of care Cen Feinuo had shown Zhuang Qin and asked, “Did you counsel him? Cen Feinuo has feelings for him too.”

Shang Jing: “I did, but Zhuang Qin can’t seem to get over it. He says he can’t bring himself to face him.”

Lowering his voice, he whispered, “I feel him. If one day this happened to me… I wouldn’t want to see Cen Feinuo ever again too.”

Luckily he was already He Jiang’s wife. If not, how embarrassing would it be if He Jiang saw the group name?

He Jiang: “...”

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