Chapter 27.3: How Could He Jiang Watch Such Stuff! (3)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 27.3: How Could He Jiang Watch Such Stuff! (3)

The moment they reached home, Shang Jing skipped towards the kitchen and took out a bottle of soda from the refrigerator.

It was still more comfortable at home without all those cameras monitoring their every move and having netizens to judge them.

If not for He Jiang helping him block off some cameras, he was sure he would develop depression.

He Jiang looked at Shang Jing who had dived onto his sofa and was lying there in an unglam manner. The corners of his lips twitched upwards.

At least Shang Jing really likes this house.

“Don’t finish the soda all at once, you will get a stomachache,” He Jiang reminded him before entering his room to change his clothes and heading to his study to work.

Ever since he started his own studio, he had lost the right to slack off. But the studio was not his only worry. With multiple family businesses on hand that also demanded his attention, he was almost always busy.

It did not help that Shang Jing’s appearance also took up huge amounts of his time and energy but he had nothing to complain about.

“Ok,” Shang Jing called out. Obediently putting his soda down on the table, he picked up a tablet to read the comments from netizens.

“He Jiang is so caring!”

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“I’m so in love with Shang Jing being a pain-in-the-ass.”

“What a loving husband He Jiang is.”

Shang Jing puckered his lips.

Drats, the film emperor still managed to maintain a good husband image.

There were also many comments tagging He Jiang’s studio, requesting for them to sign Shang Jing on and operate as a married couple. Many were still hoping they could continue seeing the pretty devil after the variety show ends.

But Shang Jing has no intention to stay in the entertainment circle, and the past few days of filming had done nothing other than concretize his thinking. Life under a camera was definitely not up his alley. If he could, he wanted to continue pursuing music.

With a tap of his finger, he entered He Jiang’s studio’s main page. He stared at it for a few seconds before it finally occurred to him…

With He Jiang starting his own studio, does it mean all the money he earns goes through the studio’s accounts? If I get a hold on the studio’s financial statement, won’t I get a gauge on the assets he gained during our marriage? 

The legal age for male couples to get married is 20 years old, a year earlier than opposite-sex couples due to the fact that it was impossible for men to impregnate each other. With him being only 21 years old, he could have only been married to He Jiang for a year at most.

Therefore, he only needed to get the cash flow report of the studio for the past year.

And he needed to be quick about it. Once the divorce was in progress, he was sure the latter would withhold the information from him. He needed to hit while the iron was still hot.

Shang Jing decided to bypass He Jiang and ask Lin Lin instead for the report.

When Lin Lin heard the request, she was stunned. Avoiding the mention of He Jiang, she said, “The accountant is on leave today. Are you in a hurry to have it?”

Shang Jing: “There’s no hurry.”

Next, Lin Lin sent a quick text to He Jiang: 【The lady boss wants to check the accounts. What should I do?】

He Jiang: 【Is the studio facing tax issues?】

Lin Lin: 【Of course not.】

He Jiang: 【Then why can’t you show it to him?】

Lin Lin: “...” Fine, go ahead and spoil him.

But she could not help feeling Shang Jing was up to something no good.

But what could his motive be? Could it be that he was an industrial spy?

And that was what He Jiang was thinking too, even though he doubted Shang Jing was capable of reading anything more than an annual financial statement.

Regardless, he would never give up an opportunity to show off his wealth to Shang Jing.

When Shang Jing received the reply from Lin Lin, a wave of guilt washed over him.

Guiltily, he got up and boiled some water. With a cup of Pu Erh tea in hand, he walked towards the study, ready to please He Jiang.

But when he pushed the door open, his smile froze on his face.

He Jiang… He Jiang is watching that kind of video!

On the screen, two men were intertwined together. No doubt, it was that kind of video!

Shang Jing’s pupils vibrated as he stared at the screen dumbfounded.

A few minutes ago, He Jiang was still hard at work when he suddenly received a compressed file from Yang Yue together with a secretive message saying: 【I’m sure you’ve not seen this. I’m helping you out here as a brother.】

Since he had been communicating with the production crew about the variety show, he had naturally assumed the video from Yang Yue to be a snippet from the show.

And from Yang Yue’s tone, it was possible it was a scene the director had caught of Shang Jing expressing his feelings for him.

To be honest, He Jiang was intrigued by it. If he was right in his guess, the video could be added to his list of videos he would watch to destress.

It would definitely be a perfect watch after a tiring day of work.

Until he was ready to destress, opened the file and Shang Jing barged into the room.

He Jiang was quick to react. He immediately turned the computer screen off and regarded Shang Jing calmly. “What is it?”

Shang Jing stood there in a daze with his cup of Pu Erh tea.

I’m done for!

The variety show must have brought back He Jiang’s feelings for me. If not, why would he watch such stuff in the middle of work?!

What’s coming next? Is He Jiang going to practice what he watched?

Shang Jing was both flustered and shy. His face was bright red and a jumble of sounds came out of his mouth, forming incoherent sentences. He was clueless about what he could do to stop He Jiang from going through the rite of a married couple with him.

Just as his brain’s CPU went into overdrive and was about to overheat, he finally remembered his right to take the moral high ground and decided to take a shot. With a frown, he chided, “How can you watch such a disgusting video?!”

That’s right, I should express my ire over these bed activities. I’m sure He Jiang will catch my drift.

Shang Jing continued to berate harshly, “It’s absolutely disgusting!”

His voice echoed in the room.

He Jiang looked at the computer screen then at the blushing Shang Jing who obviously wanted to run away but chose to stay to berate him, and could not help teasing him.

“That’s true… Ours is better.”

Shang Jing: “...” S-Smoke rose from the top of his head.

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